LOST Thoughts (and Video): Edward Mars/Christian Shepard Nickname Origin# 1

Kiddo (according to freedictionary.com)kid·do (kd)
n. pl. kid·dos Slang
a. A child.
b. A young person.
2. Pal. Used as a term of familiar address: “I said to the girl, rather snootily: ‘I have a trade, kiddo. I’m a detective'” Ross Macdonald.

(The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights)

Kiddo is used by Edward Mars in The Pilot episode. He is talking to Kate about her crime and how the jury might believe her story, like he did. (Even Sawyer lost-sawyer-t1 called Kate “Kiddo” in “Stranger in a Strange Land” while they were paddling to the Island’s shore while arguing about going back for Jacklost-jack-t2) .

christianshephard-t Christian Shepard , when he was hanging out with Ana Lucia (his “bodyguard”) in Sydney, used this term of affection towards her. (“Two for the Road” , Season Two). He calls Claire claire-t “Kiddo” as well when he shows up in Australia as her long, lost dad ( Par Avion, Season Three)

Not sure, but I will have to check if Kiddo has been(or will be) used for Juliet. If this is true, it makes me wonder if this is a “code name” for some of these “Super Chicks”. You know, the kind of woman that somehow knows hand to hand combat that can take out a dude twice her size.

Now, Kate might have been taught a trick or two by her Army stepfather. And Ana probably was trained fairly well ,being on the police force. (Jury’s still out on Claire pre/post partium “powers”) But Juliet? A fertility “lab mouse” like her? How ever did she acquire those fierce skills (with a capital Z)?

Are they part of a secret network of “Wonder Women” like in the movie series “Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2” ?
In these films, all of the “ladies” were assasins under the tutelage of one mysterious man known only as Bill. Are the women on Lost (and I suspect Charlotte is among them as well) underlings of the infamous ” him” ? (For some movies, I’m a “TV version” type o’ gal. 🙂 But I don’t think I missed any major plot points from the original.)

*Spoiler of “Kill Bill” * The main character , played by Uma Thurman, was called The Bride for the majority of the series. She was also called ” Black Momba” , as were the other women named after deadly vipers by Bill. But curiously, her actual name is bleeped out during the majority of the film. Near the end , we learn that her real name is Beatrix…KIDDO. Bill calls her the nickname “Kiddo” earlier in the story. But it is a bit of “doublespeak” since we learn it IS her name. “The Bride” also was carrying the child of Bill, when he attempted to have his other “snakes” kill her for leaving “the pit” for domestic bliss. Could one (or more) of our Losties become pregnant with/had/ or even be “him” ‘s offspring? * End of spoiler*

Is this a “wink” to the audience that many of the lovely ladies of Lost ( and I suspect, possibly some of the gentlemen) are part of an underground hit squad, some more “underground” than others?

I think this kind of goes along with the theory that the repeative names used on the show are ” rank” . Example: Ed/Eddie/Edward = Cop/Security. Are they “code” for your standing/job in an organization (Dharma, Hanso Foundation, etc.) ?

Back in the late seveties, “Three (and on LOST, probably more) little girls went to the police academy and now they work for me. My name is Charlie”.

(Made for youtube by jemmalynette)

Could our “little LOST girls” secretly work for a Charlie… Widmore? ( Dun, Dun, Duuuuun!) . Is it Elsa’s ” The Economist? Could they even be one in the same? Or could it be some other cloaked, mysterious “him” who likes to talk on intercoms ( Think the Hydra Station … 😉 ) ?

Yeah, I know that Christian calls Jack , “Kiddo” too. Perhaps he’s the GQ version of Bosley? 🙂

Maybe I’m reading too deep into things…maybe not. But hey! What else am I supposed to do until January? 😉


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