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LOST Thoughts : New Year, New Season & Other New Stuff


LOST is now only three weeks away…I can’t believe it! 8) And with it, comes some changes.

I will still be blogging here at ” It’s About Bunnies” . But I will also be co-hosting “ The LOST Revisited NOW ” podcast , with host Heath Centazzo ( found on The Lost Podcasting Network) . I will be posting more info as we get closer to January 21st. And I would be honored if you would make it a part of your LOST “routine” . 🙂 ( If you like, you can hear the interview that ” got the ball rolling” … check out LRN Episode 7 ” Lost, bunnies and Ms. Wendy” )

I’m really looking forward to it. We are still “ironing out” the details. But whatever direction the show goes in, I think it will be fun regardless. 🙂

Something else new is what I received as a gift last week… LOST Season 4 on Blu Ray. Yes, the decision has been made. Only trouble is no Blu Ray player yet. But it is kind of like how people buy “incentive pants” a size or two smaller so they’ll lose weigh. Now, we have to save up for one. 😉

Also, with the new year comes new promos. The other night, I was “second hand spoiled” while I was on the computer. Someone else was watching tv , I heard the word “LOST” and like one of Pavlov’s dogs, I just “reacted” and looked over. And I saw, in that brief moment… to me anyways….a HUGE spoiler!!! 😦 Yes, I know…I know. I did it to myself. But I just wish that the advertising department/writers could coordinate better, as to not put such big “giveaways” in the ads. Did we all learn nothing from the Cindy Chandler/”Stranger in a Strange Land” “incident” ?! 😉 *hugs*

Stay strong, those who reside in the “Spoiler Free Nation”. It’s getting trickier out there, so be vigilant. Three weeks… you can do it! 🙂

Now, you all everybody have a great New Year!

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LOST Thoughts (and video) : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 31

lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer stikes up a conversation with walt-t2Walt out in the jungle about The Others’ “fiendishly clever” plan of planting a “ringer” (Ethan Rom) in the camp to take “a pregnant girl claire-t(Claire) and a reject from VH1 Has Beens” lost-charlie-t1 ( Charlie)

VH1, considered by many as MTV’s “mellower (?) younger brother” is a cable television station that, at it’s inception in 1985, was playing more “Top 40/Adult Contemporary” music videos. But not too much later, started infusing programs that were about the music being played and those who played it than just the videos themselves. Probably one of the more popular non-video programs was ” Behind the Music” (i.e. “VH1 Has Beens ” ) . Each episode mainly consisted of …

First: Fame , fortune and fighting
Then : Drugs, debauchery and disbandment
And lastly: Rehab, recovery and reunion tours.

Who knows? Maybe because of the crash and Drive Shaft’s/Charlie’s posthumous success (at least according to Naomi) we might see Liam and the boys with their own VH1 “Behind the Music” special. But until then, here’s the next best thing… a behind the scenes look at a Drive Shaft ” documentary” from Lost Season One’s Extras disc.

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LOST Thoughts ( and video) : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 30

lost-sawyer-t1 Sawyer is treking up to the caves to get his medicine ( because Jacklost-jack-t2 doesn’t trust him not to steal it) for the wound Sayidlost-sayid-t1 accidently gave him by stabbing him through the arm ( To be fair, it was only supposed to be a standard round of “fancy stuff” 😉 ) . On Sawyer’s way, he runs into “Tattoo” walt-t2 (Walt) who proceeds to tell him about claire-t Claire and lost-charlie-t1 Charlie’s kidnapping by Ethan “Not in Ontario” Rom. ( All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Season One)

Tattoo (played by Herve Villechaize) was the name of the diminutive “right hand man” character with the signature catch phrase of “Da plane! Da plane!”, on the hit ABC series from the late 70’s/early 80’s entitled ” Fantasy Island”. (Which was on right after “The Love Boat” . So, I bet you know where I was every Saturday night. 😉 )

The show was about Mr. Roarke (played by Ricardo Montalban i.e. Star Trek’s Khan) a very mysterious man who owned several white suits and a very exclusive hideaway island resort that would grant the guests whatever their heart desired. But it would always come with a heavy price tag ($50,000 and some sort of supernaturally induced trauma, inflicted upon the guests by Mr. Roarke with the help of Tattoo)

So, if Walt is Tattoo, who is Mr. Roarke ? Is it Mr. Locke lost-locke-t1, as he is fond of calling him? If it is, maybe this is how LOST will end? We’ll see Walt and Locke perform an equally unsettling soft shoe in the last remaining undiscovered Dharma Station. 🙂

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LOST Video: A Lost Christmas

(Made for youtube by slayetta)

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LOST Polls : LOST Accessories


If clothes make the man, what about these LOST fashionable “additions”?

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LOST Video : Locke’s Theme (acapella)


Here is a video of (IMO) an outstanding vocal-only interpretation of the song “Locke’d Out Again” lost-locke-t1

(Made for youtube by RaMatheron)

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LOST Thoughts : Is Sawyer “Special” Too


Yes, Sawyer is special in that he can always find just the right nickname, make a mean roasted boar and get the high score on Donkey Kong. But I wonder if he is “special” in that special kind of Island way?

When New Otherton got blown to smithereens, who was there?
Red shirts that served as Sawyer’s kevlar vest

Sawyer “saved” Claire when a house got blown up on top of her. Many have speculated that she is actually dead. This being that she left Aaron and went with Christian Shephardchristianshephard-t , was in Jacob’s cabin and the crack Miles said to Claire about her being deceased…or close to it.

Hurley said that he thought that Ben, Locke and he were the ones who saw the cabin because they are the craziest. Who has seen what so far (that we have been shown anyways) that was at New Otherton?

Hurley: Saw the cabin, Christian Shephard, Jacob’s eye
Locke: Saw the cabin, Jacob, Christian and Claire
Ben: Saw the cabin, Jacob
Claire: Was in Jacob’s cabin with Christian
Miles: Professional “Ghostbuster”/con man
Aaron: He ain’t tellin’ 😉

So, that leaves Sawyer. He was conversing with Claire as they, Aaron and Miles walked through the jungle. With Sawyer is where Aaron was “supposed to be” according to Christian (at least, at the time).

Come to think of it, Sawyer also saw lost-kate-t1Kate’s horse back in Season 2.

So, it just may be that Mr. James Ford might be a little more than just the guy with the snappy one liners in this story. 🙂

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