LOST Thoughts : Oh, the Constant Theorizing


Last season, we were treated to the concept of constants. desmond-t1Desmond and danielfaraday-t Daniel …seemingly, ben-t13Ben and Widmore…perhaps lost-jack-t2 Jack and lost-locke-t1Locke and Aaron and claire-tClaire. Now, another possible “team” has come to mind : Michaellost-michael-t1 and lost-jin-t Jin.

Michael and Jin were very antagonistic to each other from minute one. They had their share of fist fights and “misunderstandings” 🙂 . However, they eventually became very close friends. But was it more than that? Did they “need” each other, according to ” The Rules”? Were they each other’s “constant”?

Jin’s devotion to Michael was strong. He had risked his life on several occasions for his friend. This steadfastness even interfered with his marital relationship with Sunsun-t. So, when Jin wouldn’t leave the freighter when it was packed with explosives, was it because of something more than “loyalty” (especially considering Michael’s “indiscretion” of murdering Ana Lucia and Libby) ? And is this why, if they are both dead, that they met their demise simultaneously? (And thinking along those lines, were Ana and Libby each other’s constant?)

Considering this poses another question: Do constants have to be in reciprocating “pairs”? Now, Daniel wrote in his book that Des is his constant. And we assume that Penny is Desmond’s constant. But, if “they all have to go back” , maybe Daniel is Desmond’s constant too (or perhaps his only constant) ? Maybe Mrs. Hawking is right about Desmond not marrying Penny and that the only great thing that he will ever do is push that button (and “saving the world”). That would be heartbreaking, because I love their relationship. But if this is the case, the “death” of Des&Pen may be another “sacrifice that the Island demanded”. 😦

So, if constants or ” Our Mutual Friends” 😉 is how it works, are all the Losties “paired up” for survival? And, out of necessity, can they switch constants? Can you have multiple constants…or does that defeat the purpose and urgency of being a constant? What happens if you lose your constant? If you do, is there a constant “warrantee” that you can replace the one you have if something goes wrong? And if you do become a constant, do you have to invest in 80’s skinny ties (or being a lady, perhaps aerobic workout headbands)? 😉

So many questions…so many more questions coming in January. 🙂


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  1. 1

    jen harvey said,

    Very Interesting. I’m still hoping that Jin is alive.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey Jen,

    I hope he is too.

    At the very least, we have to hear him tell Sun that those pants don’t make her look fat…perhaps as one of the whispers? 😉

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