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LOST’s Season 5 premiere is almost upon us. Maybe you’ll be having a watching party with your family, friends and/or podcast listeners. Perhaps just being low key and watching tv at home, like most any other night. You might be hurrying home from work or a prior commitment and just be pulling in the driveway just as those four letters start floating upon the screen. Or sadly, you might have to miss it all together and have to stay away from all mankind and any form of media until you are able to watch it. So, in light of this…


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    jen harvey said,

    My ideal way to watch Lost is on Thursday night LIVE with my husband and son, everyone quiet during the show, no notes…just experiencing it as it happens. Discussion during comercials is fine and then re-watching it by myself… rewinding and pausing to my hearts content. Then (after a good nights sleep…i.e. lost dream session) go check the blogs, message boards, forums and see what other people are thinking, noticed, talking about. 🙂

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hey there, Jen,
    Only big changes is that it is back to Wednesday nights at 9…
    except for January 21st…3 hours of LOSTness! 🙂

    You do pretty much what I do on LOST nights (and the week that follows an episode).
    This next season, gonna shift gears a little to the “note taking” stage. 8) (Which will
    probably make it unbearable for whoever is watching with me…lol)

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