LOST Thoughts : Shannon Nickname Origin # 2

boone-t1 Boone is running from the beach, wanting to miss as little of The 1st Annual Island Open as possible. shannon-tShannon tells “Bonehead” to wait up so she can go with him. ( Solitary, Season One)

Bonehead (according to dictionary.com) is a word from Americana that originated around the years 1905-1910. It refers to one’s lack of intellectual prowess… i.e. nuthin’ but a skull happenin’ up there. 😉

Then again, maybe Boone was a big fan of the epic all ages comic book series “Bone” by Jeff Smith. Perhaps he was starting a trend of devoted followers called “Boneheads” , much like Deadheads (Grateful Dead fans), Parrotheads (Jimmy Buffet fans) and the not quite as “hippie”, Cheeseheads (Green Bay Packers fans… I’m talking to you, Mr. Wayne Henderson 🙂 ) ?

Hey! If that’s true, maybe Boone will show up at this year’s ComicCon? Of course, he will be a zombie. 😉


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