LOST Thoughts : Boone Nickname Origin # 1

boone-t1 Boone is betting against Sawyerlost-sawyer-t1 that Jacklost-jack-t2 will choke at the First Annual Island Open golf tournament because ” Princess” Shannonshannon-t and he need the sunscreen Mr. Ford just “threw into the pot”.

Princess is slang for someone who is on the spoiled or privaleged side. Someone who would prefered to be waited upon and whom you are often waiting for.

Now, I’m not sure how this would apply to Shannon. Yes, she did come from a family of considerable means. But she was always thinking of how she could be helpful with the rescue effort. Why, one of the first she did was make sure that all her nails were brightly painted and put on her most vibrant bikini, placing herself right in the middle of the chaos (with no thought of her own safety) just in case a plane happened by.

Who’s the “Princess” now, huh? 😉


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