LOST Thoughts (and video) : Just Savin’ the World(?)


Pushing the button…”Just savin’ the world”. desmond-t1

Remembering a bit (and I mean, a very little bit 😉 ) about The Lost Experience, sandwiched between Seasons 2 & 3, there was a “secret” film that was obtained by the ARG hostess, Rachel Blake (i.e. Alvar Hanso’s daughter) . In it, Dr. Thomas Mittlewerk, a fairly high level person in the Hanso Foundation, was giving a clandestined lecture about the “necessity” of about 30% of the world population needed to be eliminated to keep what was composed within the Valenzetti Equation (4,8,15,16,23,42) from destroying the entire planet. According to the mythology, it is believed that if you could alter the sequence somehow, it would stave off “the end of all things”. I’m assuming that Mittlewerk was convinced that the “solution” was through population “downsizing”. Part of his plan was to give tainted vaccines to people in remote portions in Africa. The “logic” being that the mass poisoning would probably go unnoticed by the rest of the “civilized world” (Think Mr. Eko’s lost-eko-t flashbacks….possibly more sinister that even he knew).

Then I started to think about another “method” that might have been employed as well…The button.

Back in the early 1960, a psychologist from Yale University name Stanley Milgram was conducting experiments to see how the average person could be manipulated to do unspeakable acts merely through feeling obligated to submit to authority. He was intriged by the Nazi trials that were still taking place after World War II and wondered how something like that could happen. He decided to do a study on this phenomena. It was called the Milgram experiment.

In the Milgram experiment, the subject is placed in a room with a glass partition with another person on the other side. They are told that the person in the other room is hooked up to wires and will be asked a series of questions. If they get the answer incorrect, the subject must push a button which will subsequentially shock the person behind the glass. They are told that the voltage will increase with each incorrect response. Oh, by the way, the subject is told that the person being “Jeopardized” in the other room, has a heart condition, which could prove fatal. If the subject protests, they are ask to continue politely. With each refusal, the “instructor” will be more urgent in that the subject “must do it for the experiment to work”.

Now, you hope that at some point, the sooner the better, that the subject would refrain, despite the immediate social disaproval from the “instructor”. Some, surprisingly more than Milgram expected, didn’t stop. They just keep pushin’ that button.

So, it got me thinking. What if they were told the opposite? What if someone was told that by pushing a button, they were the sole gatekeeper in the “Saving the World” club ? What would that do to them? To think that what they are doing is so “important” to the survival of the rest of us? Would they be as ready as Jack lost-jack-t2to “Let’s just SEE what gonna happen!” and stop pushing it? Or would they, even at the suggestion, feel obligated to it? What if they were told it was the only great thing they would ever do? Quite a more accessible and appealing motivation…positive reenforcement.

But what if pushing that button wasn’t savin’ the world? In fact, what if, unknown to them…that they were slowly killing it? What if by pushing that ( Execute ) button, they were actually causing people to perish? That Mittlewerk’s ..well…”work”…was being carried out through them every 108 minutes? Could it possibly be through The Tempest releasing gas, not on the island, but throughout the world in small doses? (With the Purge being a reverse, killing the island inhabitants of the Dharma Initiatives by ” The Hostiles” ) In his mind, and possibly many others in the Hanso Foundation, were “saving the world” by doing what they thought would be for “the greater good”. That man could hold back Armeggedon, and yet ,ironically at the same time, ushering it in with their murderous actions.

And if this is what is happening, could it mean that Ben ben-t13 just might be one of the “good guys” after all ?

Ben telling the truth? That might be an even more mind-blowing prospect than the whole “button pushing” thing! 😉

Here is a terrific video about the D.I. (Made by campetin for youtube)

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