LOST Thoughts : A Losties Gift List


Those “last minute shopping” days are dwindling down. However, I am still attempting to find some” gifts” for our beloved Losties. Just not sure where to send them. 😉

lost-jack-t2 Jack : Replacement bags for his Black & Decker Beard Vac
lost-kate-t1 Kate : Crayola’s Make Your Own (or someone else’s) ID kit
lost-locke-t1 Locke : A case of Aqua Net and a bag of Bic Disposable lighters (just in case the bears come back)
lost-sawyer-t1 Sawyer: A DYMO Label-maker (to mark all his “stash” )
lost-sayid-t1 Sayid : The latest title in the Harlequin Romance: Torturers Series
lost-hurley-t Hurley : Some fuzzy dice for his Camaro (But instead of 1-6, they have 4,8,15,16,23 and 42 dots on them.)
lost-charlie-t1 Charlie : A new pack of Sharpies (seem to come in handy)
shannon-t Shannon : A diamond encrusted asthma inhaler case (shh…they’re cubic zirconias. Don’t tell her.)
boone-t1 Boone : A festive seasonal tie to go with his “red shirt” . 😦
lost-jin-t Jin : Ronco’s Pocket Fisherman (so he doesn’t have to lug that heavy net around)
sun-t Sun : (book) “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hostile Corporate Takeovers”
claire-t Claire : Smucker’s Transparent flavored Preserves to go with her invisible peanut butter
desmond-t1 Desmond : Hanes Time Travel proof undergarments
lost-michael-t1 Michael : A 8 gallon bottle of orange scented, industrial strength hand sanitizer (with handy pump dispenser)
walt-t2 Walt : A bird feeder (since they keep showing up around him. Well, that is, if they can manage to make it past any solid objects.)
lost-eko-t Mr. Eko : (book) ” How to Build a Church in a Weekend” ben-t13 Ben : Hello Kitty collapsable nun-chucks ( to go with that nasty black baton of his)
juliet-t6 Juliet : Toastmaster Sandwich Maker… for a perfect grilled cheese, every time.
richard-t7Richard : Oil of Olay Pro-Wrinkle creme
mikhail-t Mikhail : A commemorative Nadia Comaneci ’76 Olympic Gold Medal replica eye patch (made by the Franklin Mint)
danielle-t1 Danielle : Enrolled her in the American Girl “Booby Trap Doll of the Month” Club
christianshephard-t Christian Shephard : A tennis racket (to go with his shoes)
vincent-t1 Vincent : a new owner (just not sure how much of a “gift” it is for that individual, all things considered)

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : Only ONE month to go! 8)


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