LOST Thoughts : Ji Yeon’s Arrival


Last season, we were treated to Katelost-kate-t1 “answering” questions at the Oceanic 6 press conference about her giving birth on the island to a very “hearty” Aaron. Obviously, no one noticed at the time, about Sun’ssun-t pregnancy, since she wasn’t quite showing yet. But considering their world wide fame after the crash, I wonder if this will be pointed out that Sun was “with child” from a husband that was dead for three+ months. And that got me thinking if “The Lie” will get expanded to Sun having to deny that Jin lost-jin-tis the father of her child. This is especially heartbreaking knowing their history of fertility issues and marital problems that got “resolved” prior to Jin’s probable death ( I say probable because this is after all…LOST! πŸ™‚ )

So, who will play the phony daddy? Jacklost-jack-t1, Sayidlost-sayid-t1 or Hurleylost-hurley-t? My guess: It’s Hurley. He’ll play the role of father in exchange for Sun taking his “cursed” millions (along with her settlement) that gives her the cash to get controlling interest in her father’s company.

There was an actual frozen donkey wheel that “moves the island” … so, hey… why not this? πŸ˜‰


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