LOST Thoughts : Is Sawyer “Special” Too


Yes, Sawyer is special in that he can always find just the right nickname, make a mean roasted boar and get the high score on Donkey Kong. But I wonder if he is “special” in that special kind of Island way?

When New Otherton got blown to smithereens, who was there?
Red shirts that served as Sawyer’s kevlar vest

Sawyer “saved” Claire when a house got blown up on top of her. Many have speculated that she is actually dead. This being that she left Aaron and went with Christian Shephardchristianshephard-t , was in Jacob’s cabin and the crack Miles said to Claire about her being deceased…or close to it.

Hurley said that he thought that Ben, Locke and he were the ones who saw the cabin because they are the craziest. Who has seen what so far (that we have been shown anyways) that was at New Otherton?

Hurley: Saw the cabin, Christian Shephard, Jacob’s eye
Locke: Saw the cabin, Jacob, Christian and Claire
Ben: Saw the cabin, Jacob
Claire: Was in Jacob’s cabin with Christian
Miles: Professional “Ghostbuster”/con man
Aaron: He ain’t tellin’ 😉

So, that leaves Sawyer. He was conversing with Claire as they, Aaron and Miles walked through the jungle. With Sawyer is where Aaron was “supposed to be” according to Christian (at least, at the time).

Come to think of it, Sawyer also saw lost-kate-t1Kate’s horse back in Season 2.

So, it just may be that Mr. James Ford might be a little more than just the guy with the snappy one liners in this story. 🙂


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