LOST Thought : Austen: Hands of FATE


Both Edward Mars: U.S Marshall and lost-sawyer-t1James ” Sawyer” Ford tried to choke Kate while they were in a near death, delusional state . Was the Marshall “taken over” by Wayne, her real father that she killed, much like it seemed that Sawyer was?
(” Why did you kill me!?” , What Kate Did, Season Two)

Sawyer also said to lost-jack-t2Jack that he loved Kate while he was feverish from the infection from his bullet wound & Home Style extraction . Ed Mars spoke to Jack about Kate when he had a temperature of 104 : That she’s dangerous, you can’t believe anything that she says and that she “got to him ( Jack) too” { Tabula Rasa, Season One} (Ed Mars…a possible love interest .. at least, a one-sided one, anyways ?)

This “connection” make me wonder even more that maybe Kate’s relationships disintegrate because all the men in her life eventually “become” her father. And that the closer the man is to what she considers as “good”, the quicker she is to run from them, in fear of her “tainting” them. (Jack, Tom Brennan, Kevin) But the “bad boys” she courted to do her bidding, she might have figured ” Serves ’em right! ” because they were already creeps like Wayne. And that’s probably why she had no problem putting a bullet in Jason, during the bank robbery, without blinking an eye.

So, is “bad boy” Sawyer ultimately in danger if Kate finds her way back to him? Or will The Island finally put the whole “Wayne issue” to rest instead of Kate trying to do it herself through a violent version of ” The Never-ending Story” ?

Where am I going with this? I don’t know…lol. Just thought the whole “choking thing” was quite an interesting coincidence. Or was that fate?

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