LOST Thoughts (and video) : Sawyer Nickname Origin # 33

lost-sawyer-t1 Sawyer and lost-sayid-t1 Sayid are both tending their wounds up at the caves. Sayid wasn’t going to come back to the camp because of the ” inhaler incident” (torture) . But his “Adventures in Hermithood” were cut short when he stepped in a trap and became a “house guest” of ” The French Chick” danielle-t1, Danielle Rousseau. ( All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Season One)

I had been taking at face value for quite some time that Danielle is indeed… a French chick. But I wonder if that is true (among other things)? She may have been speaking French in the distress call but that doesn’t make her necessarily from France. I received free lesson in Esperanto through the mail but that doesn’t make me a citizen of the country of Esperia! 🙂

I have been believing that Danielle was who she said she was, especially because of her story about losing Alex. But ever since she caught Benben-t13 in her net and shot an arrow through his shoulder, her story seems to have started to unravel a little . How did she know that Ben would” lie for a very long time”. How much time did she spend with him hanging there to know that? I think she has known Ben for much longer than a chance meeting/wounding in the jungle.

According to Danielle’s story, she was also on the Island during The Purge : 16 years for her, purge happens four years later( if Horace in lost-locke-t1 Locke’s vision is considered a reliable source). Is she a Hostile in disguise? Is she left over Dharma? Is she Annie? Did she spend some time in Room 23 and was given some new “old memories”? And if she is from the Island, was she one of the last people to give birth before the women/babies started dying (possibly post Purge related)? And who were/are Karl’s parents (someone who was around Alex’s age and almost certain he was an “Island Baby”)?

Another thing that stuck with me from a while back is that I’m pretty sure that Damon and Carlton were joking around ( possibly giving us a hint) that this ” French Chick” had an eastern european accent.

So, for reference, here’s is what a REAL fake French accent should sound like. 😉 Classic.

(” Does Your Dog Bite? : Inspector Jacques Clouseau {Peter Sellers} of the Original Pink Panther series. Posted on youtube by hill35billy)


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    A “Lost” Cousin Found in the Family Forest
    for the rest of the story!

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