LOST Thoughts : Pre- Season 5 Top 10 Essential Episodes


Nicole’s Lost blog has a post of an interview with Damon and Carlton about previous episodes we all might want to re-watch to prepare ourselves for what is to come Season 5. If you want to have more specific reasons (spoilers) as to why they chose these shows to analyze again, you can click HERE. If you are among the ” Spoiler-Free Nation” here’s the list itself.

1. Walkabout ( Season One)
2. White Rabbit ( Season One)
3. Deus Ex Machina ( Season One)
4. The 23rd Psalm ( Season Two)
5. Live Together, Die Alone ( Season Two)
6. Flashes Before Your Eyes ( Season Three)
7. Man Behind the Curtain ( Season Three)
8. The Constant ( Season Four)
9. The Shape of Things to Come ( Season Four)
10. There’s No Place Like Home ( Season Four)

Happy Re-watch! 🙂


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    The Most Gracious Loser said,

    Hi Miss Wendy!!

    I was google-ing for this list and found your post here.

    Not that I’m a stranger to you or the Bunny Hatch – I’ve listened to you and Heath for many hours during the past several months.

    Anyway – just wanted to suggest that this list may become very relevant for selective re-watches POST Season 5.

    I would also recommend re-watching ‘The Brig’ to get some perspective on the ‘Free Will’ debate that has come to the forefront after ‘The Incident’.

    I’ve posted some illustrative dialog excepts over on Mr. Bill’s site


    Take care Miss Wendy.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi MGL,

    I glad you stopped in to the blog and listen to the LRN podcast. Thank you very much. 🙂

    I agree. This list seems very pertinent to what we’ve seen so far… and probably what is to come. Terrific suggestion about ” The Brig” rewatch. I am always looking for another excuse to watch that brilliant episode… and now you’ve just given it to me! 8) Excellent comparative thoughts on that episode, Dead is Dead and The Incident over at Mr. Bill’s site too.

    Actually, when Heath and I will be doing a show about the Ten Essentials List sometime during the hiatus. So be on the lookout. 🙂

  3. 3

    […] that I linked to prior to Season 5 Premiere that I first saw on Nicole’s LOST blog called ” The Pre Season Five Top Ten Essential Episodes” We are going to be looking back at these episodes and , in particular, why they may have stood out […]

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