LOST Thoughts : The Season 5 Premiere Part One (Because You Left)


I laughed. I cried. I yelled out ” Frogurt!” twice (Once when he showed up on the Zodiac. Once when he got shot through the heart with a flaming arrow). Just … splendiferous!

I wrote 7 pages of notes ( in the dark, mind you). I don’t even know what they mean…and I LOVE IT!!! I don’t think I will be able to even attempt any theories at this point. I’m just trying to soak in what I just watched a few short hours ago. But here are some of the highlights.


Marvin Candle ( Pierre Chang) feeding a little baby while another Willie Nelson song played ( One of the Freighter Four, perhaps?)
danielfaraday-tDaniel on the Island during the filming of the Arrow Station video ( And I’m pretty certain helped film another one)
Problem at the Orchid Station
Limitless energy there…possible time manipulation
Rules cannot be broken
Man drilling into where Frozen Donkey Wheel is, is carried away with an extremely bloody nose.
According to Benben-t13, order of obtaining The Oceanic 6: lost-jack-t1Jack, lost-hurley-tHurley, sun-tSun,lost-sayid-t1 Sayid and lost-kate-t1Kate ( I’m assuming Aaron as well… but ya never know.)
Immediate rain occurs when the Island ” disappears”
Daniel and The Red Shirts with a Special Appearance by Frogurt.
lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer and juliet-tJuliet can’t find freighter smoke.
Camp is gone.
Rose and Bernard lose each other then met again. Rose mentions that she was back at the church when everything “left” ( The church? Eko’s church? The Temple? Some people thought she said it was like she was back AT church. Rapture? Left Behind? Must rewatch….lol)
Camp went back in time.
Kate calls Aaron ” Goober” ( He has a little baby nickname…awww. That was very sweet.)*
Dan Norton the “lawyer” wants Kate and Aaron’s blood to prove maternity… from an unknown client.
Kate still has a picture of Jack and Aaron together.
Kate and Aaron go “on vacation” . See Kate Run.Run, Kate, Run.
Sawyer slaps Faraday. Charlotte might be next. ( ” Sassy!” )
charlotte-tCharlotte = Ginger
Record skipping i.e. dislodged from time (actual record skips at beginning of episode too)
Daniel seems extremely lucid now.
Is the Island or are the people moving through time?
lost-locke-t1Locke and the drug plane have a “chance” meeting. Hey, where’d all The Others go?! (The King was the only one who didn’t “leave the building” this time 🙂 )
John is shot by…ETHAN ROM!!
Purple light…turns to night.
Sun is flying to LA. Was her passport expired(?) May, 2001. (Not much of a traveler… so I don’t know how that works…lol. )
Airport detains her…. or is it Widmore… I suspect little bit of both. You scratch my back….
Widmore ” I WILL be repected!” ( Sounds like Sun’s dear ol’ dad)
Sun and Widmore’s ” common interests” ? Why killing Benjamin Linus, of course!:)
Hurley murder suspect(?) on tv.
Sayid takes Hurley for some Rainbow Drive-In chicken take out.
Hurley to Sayid: ” You know. Maybe if you ate more comfort food you wouldn’t have to go around killing people” .
Sayid was working for Ben ( sounded a little “past tense” )
Unlike “Simon Says” , when playing ” Ben Says” …do the opposite.
Sayid fights off killers ( Death by dishwasher) then is drugged with blowdarts.
Hurley is caught holding dead hitman’s gun. Now we know why he is a murder suspect ( Yeah,thanks a lot, cell phone guy! 🙂 )
miles-tMiles : Widmore took 20 years finding it ( The Island) the last time. And he knows this because…..?!
More course correction, it sounds like.
Faraday = Danny Boy
An injured John Locke ( boy, his legs sure to take a beating!) meets up with the wrinkle-free richard-t6Richard Alpert.
Richard to Locke about getting shot by Ethan ” What goes around…”
The only way to save the Island and get the O6 to go back… is for John to die!
Light again, overgrown grounded drug plane now back in its original “perch” position, swan imploded again.
No…wait..scratch that. The Swan is now intact and “undiscovered” again.
Sawyer remembers the Swan’s “back door”. Tries to get in. Daniel doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
Daniel = Dilbert ( might be favorite nick of the night)
No, wait… because here comes “The Ghost of Christmas Future” ( A LOST first…Sawyer gives himself a nickname)
Miles: ” That chick likes me”
Charlotte’s nose is bleeding. Uh oh!
Daniel knocks on the hatch door. desmond-t1Desmond is inside!
Daniel to Desmond ” The rules don’t apply to you, Desmond. You’re uniquely and miraculously special” ( Quite possibly the most profound and important Bit O’ Info we received last night.)
Desmond needs to go back to Oxford to see Dan’s unknown mother ( Mrs. Hawking, perhaps?)
Desmond and Penny on their boat. Desmond tells Penny he had ” A dream… no. It was a memory” (about the Island).
And in the words of Hugo Reyes ” Never say never, dude.” Cuz it looks like you’re going back to the Island, Des.

Be back soon with Part Two. 🙂

* Update on Aaron’s nickname. I read in Jeff ” Doc” Jensen’s “Entertainment Weekly” column, that “Goober” might be a nod to the Scooby Doo “knockoff”, animated program ” Goober and the Ghostchasers”. Unlike Scooby Doo with its exposer of fraudulent frighteners, he reminds that Goober and the gang actually found “ghosts”.

Totally forgot about that show. To be honest, all I could think of was Goober and Gomer from The Andy Griffith Show. Goober was the “smart” one. 😉


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  1. 1

    Aunt J-ha said,

    Wow! Those are good notes. I felt like I was re-watching. Such good TV, I was in Heaven, despite less then perfect viewing conditions…Late start, my 15 year old felt he should get sleep for school rather than join us so late (where does he get these morals?) my husband (a fan in name only) falling asleep on the couch 15 minutes in…It was a long day but I couldn’t have waited another night. Was all set to watch again with the two sorry fans tonight, but they decided they’d rather wait until Friday. Not sure I’m really related to these two. 🙂 Just kidding!
    Great blog. If your post-chat is available to download I’d love to listen…please share a link if possible.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Jen,
    Thank you! 🙂 I’m glad that you were able to get home to watch. It sounds like you
    had a long day and I’m not surprised they “nodded off”. But they were with you in spirit,
    right?! ( Or at least next to you on the couch…lol) Hope you are doing well.

    Heath and I will be recording The LOST Revisited Now podcast tonight on Talkshoe
    at 8pm EST.
    We’ll tackle both episodes in one podcast. It should be up for download right after
    and probably the next day on The Lost Podcasting Network.

    Again, thank you, Jen. 🙂

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