LOST Thoughts : Season 5 Premiere Part Two (The Lie)


This is the other half of the notes I took from the LOST premiere. They may not be thorough but they were penned with great enthusiasm. 🙂


Starts out on The Searcher (Penny’s boat) with the Oceanic 6, franklapidus-tFrank, desmond-t1Desmond and Penny crafting ” The Lie”.
lost-hurley-tHurley is the only hold out. He’s hopinglost-sayid-t1 Sayid won’t follow the rest of them.
Sayid joins in. Hurley tells him that if he ever needs help later in life, Sayid can pretty much forget it.
Sayid and Hurley on the run. Sayid is in a coma. Cops are chasing them ( Or are they?)
Hurley’s pulled over …by ANA LUCIA!!
” Ana” asked Hurley ” What if I were real?” Tells him “he has work to do” . Oh, and that Libby says “Hi!” (Ana spoke a lot like ‘ Dave”… who spoke a lot like Hurley.)
Hugo turns around… no police cars. ( Did that even happen?)
Back on the Island …
danielfaraday-tDaniel = Dr. Wizard. miles-tMiles corrects James ” That’s Mr. Wizard” . To which, lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer tells him to Shut up!” ( Sawyer is as equally confused about time travel as I am. Keep remembering that ” It’s About Bunnies” and you’ll be fine. 🙂 )
Off Island again...
Hurley enters convenience store, buys ” I heart My Shih tzu” t-shirt.
Cheap Trick’s “Dream Police” is playing in the background.
Girl behind counter recognizes Hurley as the lottery winner/plane crash guy, despite the “murder suspect” news report playing on the television behind her.
Unconscious Sayid and Hurley pull out of the parking lot. lost-kate-t1Kate and Aaron drive in.
Kate on the run again. Aaron wants to go home.
Kate calls lost-jack-t2Jack for help …well, almost.
Instead, Kate’s phone rings. ” I can’t believe it’s you!”
lost-jack-t2Jack and Benben-t13at a hotel. Jack is clean and sobering up.
Ben has a plaid “treasure chest” stashed away in a vent in the room. Does Ben always have a plan or WHAT?! 🙂
Ben, who just flushed Jack’s pills down the commode, answering Dr. Shephard who claims he was just about to do that too ” Yeah, I figured you were.” 😉
Ben to Jack ” Take whatever you want from this world because you’re never coming back”. Sobering thought.
David Reyes watching Expose ( Someone on the show mentions ” The Dragon Lady of Van Nyes” {?} )
Hurley with a near dead Sayid on his back ” Hey Dad. How’s it goin’?”
Cops show up at the house. Hurley hides with Sayid.
Kate goes to hotel with Aaron.
Cut to Ben at a butcher shop. Takes ticket # 342
The female butcher knows him. Her name is Jill. She chopping meat with a cleaver. (Reminded me of lost-charlie-t1Charlie’s dream of his butcher dad lopping off dolls’ heads, telling Charlie that he was going to be a butcher too. [Fire+Water, Season Two} )
Ben asks her to ” keep John safe” there. lost-locke-t1Locke is in a carpet van. (Note to self : When reflooring, laminate might be better choice 🙂 )
Ben’s “people” : Jill, Gabriel and Jeffery
Ben to Jill : If Locke isn’t kept safe ” Everything we’re about to do won’t matter at all”.
Cut to Island
Bernard tries to start a fire
charlotte-tCharlotte has a headache and was having trouble remembering her mother’s maiden name ( I’m guessing it’s one we’ve heard before)
Miles bags a boar. He’s carrying it on his back (like Hurley was just carrying Sayid) He knew it was dead for 3 hours (?) Can he “talk” to the animals too? Miles = Dr. Dolittle (?) 🙂
Frogurt complains… then gets shot with a flaming arrow in the chest.
Neil and other fellow red shirts are killed. Rest run for cover.
Three years later, back in the “real world”
Hurley tells his parents he isn’t crazy. He has a good reason for his actions.
Carmen Reyes ” Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?”
Kate and Aaron at mystery caller’s hotel room. It’s…sun-t Sun!
Sun and Kate exchange pictures and pleasantries. ” It would be nice to see Aaron and Ji Yeon playing together.” (foreshadowing?)
Sun wants Kate to “take care of ” those who are “responsible” for their situation. Kate says no.
Sun tells Kate she doesn’t blame her forlost-jin-t Jin’s death. Implying who she does blame when her next question is ” How is Jack?” Brrrrrr.
Hurley cracks about The Lie to his mom. Carmen doesn’t understand him but she believes him.
Island time…
Sawyer steps on something with his bare feet (stepped on a dart back in Season Three, ” Stranger in a Strange Land”) His shoes are “Somewhere in Time” with his shirt.
Men with guns and military uniforms grab Sawyer and juliet-tJuliet. Outfits look dated. ( Are these the same soldiers that left the army knife that Ana and Goodwin were using in ” The Other 48 Days”, Season Two?)
Back to the future
Hurley and David go see Jack for help with reviving Sayid at the hospital.
Sayid wakes and starts fighting the last people he was fighting with. Unfortunately for Jack, Sayid thinks he’s one of them. Quickly remedied, though.
Ben shows up at Hurley’s house.
(IMO) Funniest scene of the night : Hurley whipping a Hot Pocket near Ben’s head.
Ben to Hurley : ” We want the same thing…to go back to the Island.” There, he’d never have to lie again.
Hurley says ” Never” and runs out into the street, willingly getting arrested for “murder”. ( Loved Jorge’s expressions during this whole scene. )
On Island
Locke saves James and Juliet . Man, does he know his was around a blade!
Back to ” The Mainland”
Ms. Hawking and a giant pendulum making the floor with chalk , in the monastery ( Most likely, the one time residence of Desmond , as well as Brother Campbell. )
Ben makes another mysterious appearance. ( Can he “walk through walls”? Can Ben be in places that he’s not supposed to be in and/or two places at once , much like what walt-t2Walt might be able to do? { “Special” , Season One, “Three Minutes”, Season Two} )
Ms. Hawking tells Ben he has only 70 hours to get all of them back to the Island. And if he can’t then…
” God help us all!”

And the race is officially ON! 8)


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