LOST Cartoon Art : Red

Charlotte Lewis ( Played by Rebecca Mader)


” Her name is Charlotte Lewis! Charlotte Staples Lewis!
Born July 2nd, 1979 , Essex, England
Parents : David and Jeanette
Eldest of three, all girls
She was raised in Brownsgrove
Did her Undergraduate studies at Kent
Took her PhD. in Cultural Anthropology at Oxford
She’s here with two other team members and a pilot.
Their names : Daniel Faraday , Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus. ”

( ben-t13Ben did such a nice job at reciting her “specs” … I thought I’d just leave it up to him.) 🙂

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : A smiling Charlotte finding what she was looking for on her Tunisian “Scavenger Hunt” : Polar bear bones with Hydra Station collar ( Bonus points!) .


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