LOST Thoughts : The Little Prince


Chapter One : The Little Prince

Once Upon a Time….. there was a little boy named Aaron. Aaron was a special little boy. He was born on an island. But not just any island. He was born on a fantastic Island, full of monsters and deep lochs … and very confused, time traveling, nose bleeding villagers.

Aaron was the son of a beautiful young peasant girl , who worked at a Fish N’ Fry Eatery on the Isle of Australia, named claire-tClaire. Aaron’s father, Thomas, was a poor artist but he held deep devotion towards his new budding family. Well, until a few months later, when Thomas felt things were too “intense” and walked out on them. ( Or was it some other reason?…hmmm) Seeing she was now on her own , Claire decided to give Aaron to a mysterious couple who live in the smoggy but enchanted LA LA Land. However, everything was going to change when she boards a gigantic and shiny flying machine dubbed Oceanic Flight 815, to get to the fair city ( Royality : 1st Class, Peasants: Coach)

The beautiful Claire and everyone aboard the flying machine were magically ripped from the sky and plummeted to the fantastic island below. And it was a fantastic island indeed, because at least 48 survivors from the fuselage, 23 from the tail section and the pilot, initially survived.

From that point, a sparkly, gossamer veil is lifted , called a flashback devise, and we discover all sorts of whimsical, yet morally questionable, adventures these survivors have taken. And it is here, that we uncover the fact that Claire is actually a Princess. That, canonically, she is the half sister of Prince lost-jack-t2 Dr. Jack, through a clandestine meeting between her mom, Carol and his father, King Christianchristianshephard-t, after too much mead.

Now, you would think that son, Aaron and Claire would be together forever, living happily ever after. No such luck. Claire has apparently disappeared into the mystical jungle, last seen in a creepy shack with her “DEAD beat dad”, King Christian, leaving Aaron crying on a leaf. But Aaron is rescued, first by Sir Sawyer of Nicknames, then by Duchess Sun and finally by the lost-kate-t1Lady Kate and some of the Merry Band of Travelers, called the Oceanic 6, in a smaller flying machine. But as they are flying away toward rescue, the fantastic island ” disappears”.

Aaron and the rest of the O6 finally make it to the smoggy but enchanted LA LA Land. He is living a lovely life with Lady Kate and, occasionally, Prince Dr. Jack ( when he’s not visiting the apothecary ) . Prince Goober is in the lap of luxury in a McMansion style castle and all the vintage cartoons he can watch ( Thank you, Oceanic!)

But all is not fair in the fair Land of Los Angeles. For evil lurks about, rearing its vile, hideous head, in the form of The Law Offices of Agostini and Norton. It seems, that Claire’s mother, who was a “sleeping beauty” after a bad carriage accident, has arisen and figured out that the little Prince is her grandson. No, wait…. scratch that….she didn’t. Carol’s just a client of the sinister legal offices , aforementioned, suing the owners of the big shiny flying machine. It just so happens…. the minion of darkness, Norton, also represents the O6’s good “friend”, ben-t13Jester Benjamin Linus (and I’m just guessing now, that half uncle , Prince Dr. Jack, giving some of his royal blood, just to make it ” legal” , either willingly off island or unwillingly in Season 3 at the Hydra Station πŸ˜‰ ) .

As he is plotting lost-hurley-tKnave Hurley’s means of escape from a downtown LA dungeon , it appears that Ben has also been devising a scheme with sun-tDuchess Sun in acquiring Lady Kate and Aaron, so all of Oceanic 6 will return to the Island. Or maybe Sun’s with Baron Von Widmore, Ben’s arch enemy, and is on a revenge kick on the O6 and CJ Ben over the death of lost-jin-tDuke Jin, her “dead” husband…who now isn’t…but she doesn’t know that. Or she might just go “medieval’ on um’ all. However it turns out, it’s not looking good for Little Prince Aaron. He’s probably going to be taking a carriage ride with someone he shouldn’t be ( or should he be? )

Back on the fantastic Island, we are taken to the times when…
boone-t1Knave Boone dies
Little Prince Aaron is born, with the help of Lady Kate
Sir Sawyer of Nicknames is crying.
lost-locke-t1Sir Locke of Destiny is philosophizing
charlotte-tLady Charlotte’s stops bleeding
miles-tSir Miles of Snark and juliet-tLady Juliet have started bleeding
And danielfaraday-tDaniel , Knight of the Jittery, is having trouble explaining what in the world is happening to them.

They soon band together and take a great adventure to the far side of the Isle of the Polar Bears in their (actually someone else’s) splendid vessels of wood. But they are being shot at, by probably, the rightful owners of the boat they’re in. Yet at their most perilous moment, the Leftbacks are carried away, in a whisk of purple light, back to an ancient time of myth and legend: The late 80’s.
Duke Jin is alive
Montand still has his arm
And danielle-t1 Dame Danielle Rousseau….was who she said she was ( probably.. πŸ˜‰ )

THE END (for now)

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  1. 1

    Rosie said,

    Your positive description of Kate and Aaron’s relationship is sick, to say the least. Kate had literally kidnapped Aaron by claiming him as her own son . . . for her own stupid, selfish reasons. Just as she had murdered her father in cold blood, due to her own insecurities ( and NOT to save her mother). Why you are describing this disturbed woman as some beauteous female character is beyond me.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Rosie! Um… judging from the tone of how the entire post is written, it is a play on a fairy tale blending with a television sci fi based drama about fictious characters and some of the over the top things that they have been doing for the past 5 seasons. So, not exactly presenting things on the serious side here.

    Thanks for the comment, πŸ™‚

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