LOST Thoughts : Season 5, Episode 5 … Planet 5 ?


I read ” The Little Prince” the week we watched the episode of the same title. But this past week’s episode ” This Place is Death” sparked a theory that is related to the popular children’s story.

The Little Prince visits several planets on his journey. The fifth planet was the smallest one that he encounters. It is only room enough for a street lamp and a lamplighter. The planet has no other people and not a single house.

According to the lamplighter, the planet has been moving more rapidly but his orders never change. “Orders are orders” the lamplighter said and that he wouldn’t tell from whom these orders came.

Morning and evening come within seconds of each other and with it, the lighting and extinguishing of the lamp. On this planet, the Little Prince wished he could stay because he would see 1440 sunsets there ( that would be , earth time, the total number of minutes in a day).

Also, in the story, there is a well, a segment of a ruin wall ( like The Orchid ) and in the end , The Little Prince is bitten by a snake and finds his way “home” in death { or is heavily implied} )

So is…

christianshephard-tChristian representing ” The Lamplighter”?

The one giving orders ” Jacob” ( and who is he) ?

lost-locke-t1Locke ” The Little Prince” who has to die ( and does that make him an alien now 😉 ) ?

The Orchid similar to the fifth planet, that as the Losties got closer to it, the flashes (sunsets?) got much closer in time …about a minute?

and lastly, is…

The Frozen Donkey Wheel … its own “planet” that was buried by the volcano that was alluded to in earlier episodes ?

* Just an aside, ( IMO)lost-sawyer-t1 Sawyer seemed like the Pilot in TLP during the lowering Locke in the well and his desperation to save John when the well disappeared. How The Little Prince annoyed The Pilot throughout the story, especially his laugh. But by the end, the annoyances became endearments and the Pilot deeply mourned the loss of the boy. But that’s just me… 🙂 *


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