LOST Thoughts : The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham ( Or Whatever Happened to Johnny Locke?)


The war is on. And it sounds like lost-locke-t1Locke is ” The General”. Except he (and we) don’t know what side he’s fighting for.

Some Questions :

Who is telling the truth?
Who is evil?
Who is dead?
Who are those people Walt dreamed about who want to hurt Locke?
Who was taken in “the flash” and who wasn’t (and did it divide them into “sides”) ?
Who is that woman that took off with franklapidus-tFrank?
Who is Ms. Hawking… really?

Some Repeats :

Locke and lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer having to bite down of the same stick and twine contraption, then passing out( Locke for his leg/ Sawyer for the needle in ” Every Man for Himself” / Season 3)

Children playing football/soccer in village, reminiscent of the day lost-eko-tMr. Eko was taken by the warlords in ” 23rd Psalm”/ Season 2 ( I wonder if that is telling of what “side” Widmore is on?)

Both Locke and ben-t13Ben vomited when they reached Tunisia after turning the frozen donkey wheel ( There’s No Place Like Home/ Season 4)

Locke strangled by Ben, just like his father, Anthony Cooper, was strangled by Sawyer (The Brig/Season 3).

lost-hurley-tHurley seeing Locke by the same tree as lost-charlie-t1Charlie ( I wonder if “Mr. Eko” first showed up there too….and possibly even more “people” and if it is some sort of “hot spot”)

We’ve heard rumblings of war and lost-jack-t2Jack wondering “How long would it take to train an army” ( The Hunting Party/Season Two)

Same graveyard that Helen is in is the same one that Anthony Cooper was “buried” in ( Lockdown/Season 2) Could this be another “fake” death/marker, like Cooper or Jin or will Helen actually RIP ?

Jack and people in car accidents ( Locke/ TLADOJB, shannon-tShannon’s father, Adam Rutherford and Sarah ( Man of Science, Man of Faith/Season 2, Mrs. Arlen and son, Through the Looking Glass/ Season 3, Beth (with child) All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues/ Season 1)

Some Clues :

Hurley painting The Great Sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx has much lore behind in, in both history and mythology. But it is also a symbol of Army Intelligence. Could this also be a place where one of those “pockets” are that Ms. Hawking spoke about in “316”?

Copy of 1954 LIFE Magazine ( April 19, 1954) The Awesome Fireball hydrogen testing cover and inside picture of 1954 monster movie “Creature From the Black Lagoon” , which also had the mysterious deaths of an entire science team.

Two more of those rectangular boxes are on the desk in the Hydra Station. What are they? ( See Nancy Drew’s article for more info. 🙂 )


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