LOST Thoughts : La Fleur ( or Everything’s Coming Up Shippers)


Flourishing thoughts about last night’s (IMO) sweetly fragrant episode.

The 4 toes statue appears to be … Anubis , half man/ half jackel Egyptian god of the underworld/afterlife and mummification . Perhaps that is why I thought Montand’s arm looked mummified, lying next to the Temple after one of the flashes in ” This Place is Death”. Horus, the falcon god (Horace?) is his possible brother.( lost-hurley-tHurley bird?) Horus was known for his four sons. Will this birth of this son with Amy be another of many “special” children? * desmond-t1Desmond had to take care of his three brother when his father…. we don’t know….lol. Wonder if there is any connection… and if it has anything to do with Widmore’s animosity towards Des?

* There is also a strong possibility that it could also be Tawaret . According to mythology, was an Egyptian hippopotamus(?) goddess of fertility and protected mothers and children. ( Thanks, Donald! 🙂 ) And on this Island… there is clearly a birthing problem.

So, what happened to the statue? I think it either has something to do with the volcano, “The Incident” or could be one in the same.

Horace and Olivia Goodspeed… um… what happened to them? Another theory : Two men were killed by lost-sawyer-t1James and juliet-tJuliet. Paul’s body was representing only one death. Did the other come from more “justice” that needed to be done? Is this what happened to Olivia and charlotte-tCharlotte? I mentioned this a few weeks ago on the podcast. I put up the idea that Horace and Olivia were Charlotte’s parents. Horace had Olivia and Charlotte leave the Island as part of the “truce” that were concocted by Richard and him. Charlotte was very young, Maybe the “scary man” that Charlotte saw that night that told her that if she came back she would die, wasn’t danielfaraday-tDaniel after all , especially because he was mumbling that he won’t tell her . That she crossed a memory of waving to Dan on the bench with the memory of the man who actually told her this news soon afterwards… richard-t7Richard Alpert.

Paul, Amy’s first husband, had an ankh, which is the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for “eternal life”. And maybe why Horace was so broken up and angry about finding, asking whether 3 years was enough to get over someone, wasn’t just about Amy and Paul. It might have been about his guilt over he and Olivia ( and Charlotte too) . Eh, could be wrong…fun to think about anyways. 🙂

There was a red headed woman named Heather’s home that Sawyer and the gang were hiding out when Richard showed up. Maybe she’s Charlotte’s mom? Ya never know…

lost-jack-t2Jack had a reel to reel tape recorder/player in his apartment, just like the security station in New Otherton ( 316). Curious as to why…

Seems like the name James/Jim for lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer is here to stay…for now 🙂

Speaking of names, the nicknames were coming fast and furious last night : Plato, Boss, Hoss, Enos, Bonzai

Jim Le Fleur using the same “our boat crashed/ Tahiti story similar to the one danielle-t1Danielle Rousseau told… Black Rock talk too…excellent!

Sonic fence clearly not on full power (as Horace told them later to make sure it was after the Alpert ” negotiations” . No foaming/bleeding like good ol’ mikhail-tMikhail.

Rosie (repeat name) and Jerry groovin’ in security station. Song is another one that I can’t find reference to (The other one Jin was playing in van in “316”) Is this the music of Geronimo Jackson? ( Any help on this, as well as the logo on Rosie’s shirt, would be much appreciated 🙂 * Update: T-shirt logo is for Geronimo Jackson. KC/Lost Tidbit and Thomas Clancy found out that the song was ” Candida” (1971) by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Thank you both! 8) ) Jerry and Phil’s patches with five point star , as were miles-tMiles’ , lost-jin-tJin’s and Jim La Fleur : Head of Security’s patches. ” New sheriff in town, boys!” Jin had red five point star on his shirt collar in ” TPID” …. foreshadowing? Who knows….lol

Juliet apparently knows the inner workings of both the human body… and a Dharma van. Jules= grease monkey 8)

Juliet helping pregnant woman deliver healthy baby… *tear*

Grid 133 didn’t work , trying Grid 134 next… 1+3+4= 8

Jin and now Sawyer in ” the waiting room” for Aaron’s birth as well as Horace and Amy’s son’s arrival. Significance? ( The only one missing was lost-charlie-t1Charlie 😦

Horace with Arrow patch – the “war room” hatch, so to speak. His title : Mathematician. Also in the running as the “smart man” that Ms. Hawking could be speaking of who built the pendulum that helped find the Island.

” That fence might keep other things out, but not us. ” Richard to Horace. To quote lost-michael-t1Michael Dawson from LTDA, ” Who ARE you people?!”

“Your buddy out there with the eyeliner. ” Sawyer’s description of Mr. Alpert. Classic!

Loved the scene with Juliet and Sawyer at the submarine. Got me to thinking, Juliet wasn’t the only who decided to not go back. James could have gotten to his parents two years prior to the affair/murder/suicide that devastated his life… and didn’t. Hmmm….

” Wherever we are now …whenever we are now…we’re here for good” a distraught Daniel Faraday *hug*

The gang is almost back together again… and a love rhombus is on the horizon.

And lastly…

How DO you get to be “Dharma material”?


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  1. 1

    lovesteamykeamy said,

    Hey, here’s a quick thought for the baby of Horace and Amy: they had a baby boy and they named him JACOB? And yeah, what about Olivia? We saw her and Horace when Ben was born. Hmmmm…

    Love the cartoon pics. 🙂

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi LSK,

    Excellent theory about the baby possibly being Jacob!

    The whole Olivia “missing” thing has me a bit concerned…lol.

    Thanks about the cartoon pics (SL thanks you too 🙂 )

  3. 3

    Thomas Clancy said,

    The TV captioning identified the song at the beginning as Tony Orlando and Dawn “Candide.” Lyrics are something like, “If the stars aren’t coming out tonight, then I can’t see you,” so it works with them seeing Horace out in the dark. Internet says it came out in 1970, so it still could have been a favorite of Rosie’s (Hispanic?) a few years later, esp. since it’s been put/saved onto reel-to-reel tape.

    Yes, the cartoon characters are great!

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    Thank you , TC ! (about the artwork and the song title) It sounded so familiar . I did a lyric search and amazingly ….nothing. I used to watch the ” Tony Orlando and Dawn Show” so you’d think I’d remember lol.

    Going to make the change now, with credit to you, of course 🙂

  5. 5

    […] LOST Thoughts : La Fleur ( or Everythings Coming Up Shippers) […]

  6. 6

    Capcom said,

    Good post! 😀

  7. 7

    mswendy said,

    Thanks, Capcom! 🙂

  8. 8

    lovesteamykeamy said,

    Looks like I was wrong about the baby… oh well. Ethan was kinda cool, too. 🙂

  9. 9

    mswendy said,

    That’s ok, LSK. Keep them theories comin’ ! Not sure if the age of Ethan lines up… but I’ll go with it… lol. Still like the idea though. IMO, Ethan is a great side character.

    Can’t tell you how many theories I’ve had “Go South”. They are in a pile about as big as the notebooks from the Pearl Station. 🙂

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