LOST Thoughts : The Olivia Obfuscation


I am really in a quandary about this whole ” Where’s Olivia Goodspeed?” question.

In Season 3’s ” The Man Behind the Curtain”, we are introduced to Horace and Olivia Goodspeed along a roadside, approximately 35 miles outside of Portland. ben-t13Ben’s mother, Emily had just given birth to him prematurely, on a hot, sunny day ( An odd fact, because Carlton Cuse, on the extras for TMBTC, reiterates that it is indeed Portland, Oregon that they are in. However, we discover Ben was born in December, later on in the episode. Another mystery.)

We then see Olivia in the classroom some 10-12 years later, teaching the children about volcanos. Soon after, the hostiles show up and she sends her class to one side of the room to hide, brandishing a rifle. This is the last that we have seen or heard of Olivia, up until this point.

When Ben arrived on the Island is a clue in all of this. I believe from the information we know, Ben was born around 1962. If this is the case, Ben arrived on the island somewhere between 1972-1974. ( And that means, we might be seeing little Benjamin and Roger Workman real soon. 8) ) I could be wrong on the dates. Please, let me know if it’s otherwise. 🙂

On the DVD extras for TMBTC, Damon says that both Horace and Olivia will be important factors in the story. Not just Horace…Horace AND Olivia. So, what happened to her? Did she leave and come back? Does Horace have more than one wife on the Island? Did they get divorced? Did something happen during the “record skipping” time jump process? Did she die during that confrontation with The Hostiles ? Or could it also be the lousy possibility that they just couldn’t get Samantha Mathis to come back to play Olivia? 😦

Here’s another possiblity…. maybe Horace and Olivia aren’t husband and wife…. but brother and sister or cousins? Hmmmm…..

If you have any thoughts on this issue, just let me know. I’d love to read them. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Aunt J-ha said,

    My money is on Olivia and Horace being brother and sister. Or she died and Horace is with Amy, but he’s still in love with Olivia so it makes him jealous that Amy may still be in love with Paul. I’m wondering if him blowing up trees by the sonic fence was just how he handles being drunk after a fight or if it was more significant. It seems weird to me, but who knows?

    I’m really impatient for the next few episodes, I’m wondering if young ben and current day Ben are on the island at the same time and what kind of issues that will create. I’m kind of confused about the Timeline with Charlotte…Cause if she is a toddler in ’74 then she aged slowly once off the island.

    I’ll miss it next Wednesday, for sure.


  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Jen,

    The dynamite that we knew was on the Island originally was from The Black Rock. Now, if he got it from there, that means he wasn’t being completely honest with James about ever knowing about the ship. Smokey likes to rip up trees (and was one of the jobs of The Little Prince from the book of the same name.) Wonder if that is a connection? It was odd. You might be right about it having some significance.

    It seems like Olivia was there before and during/ after ’74, when Ben arrived. So, there is more to find out about her ( I hope we get to see it 🙂 )

    Yes, not sure about the Charlotte being a toddler in 1974 either. If she was about 3 in 74′ , at the time that the wheel was turned ( Jan. 2005) Charlotte would have been around 34 years old. So, that could still work. … I think…lol.

    Ben seeing little Ben? Could this be ” The Incident” like the two bunny #15’s in the Orchid video? Should be fun…. 🙂

    I’ll miss it too. It’s one week. We can do this !!! lol

  3. 3

    Capcom said,

    Yes, this whole Olivia problem is quite annoying and difficult to reconcile.

    LOL, what if the Incident IS two Bens meeting and blowing up?! You heard it first here, folks! X-D

  4. 4

    Jackie said,

    On the Transmission podcast, they said that the pop-up version of Jacob’s Cabin states that Olivia was Horace’s wife. I have not viewed this, but if true, it should put to rest the brother-sister theory. I suppose it is possible that Olivia died before 1977. I don’t think that we know exactly what year it was when she is teaching young Ben and Annie.

  5. 5

    mswendy said,

    Hi Capcom,

    Ben = Bunny #15! Benjamin Bunny, another literary reference. lol. Excellent! 8)

    Hi Jackie,

    I haven’t been able to listen to this week’s ” The Transmission” podcast yet. I try not to listen to other podcasts until after Heath and I record. So, thank you … will give it a listen first.

    I had just done a rewatch of ” The Man Behind the Curtain” ( Season 3) with the commentary on after watching Le Fleur . Damon said that Horace and Olivia would play a very important role in the series but I don’t remember them saying specifically that they were married. But it was late and I might have missed it. 🙂

    We now know Locke was born 1956. It’s sketchy as to exactly when Ben was born.For some reason, I think that it was around 1962. He was about 12 when he arrived on the Island. So, that would make it around 1974…thirty years before the crash, and the time our “Flashies” stopped flashing and when Olivia might have been ” Olivia: Teacher” . Jack estimated Ben was around 40 from his x-rays.(42 years old? one of the numbers…lol) And Widmore was looking for the Island for 20 years, according to Miles. Leader from 1954-1984( Charles said he was leader for a little over 30 years, speaking in 2005 to Locke) Exiled by HIM 20 years ago (1984-2004) Horace told Locke he was dead for 12 years, making the purge around 1992, Ben’s (possibly) 30th birthday.

    But that’s just my best guess-timation. 🙂

  6. 6

    Jackie said,

    Above, I meant to refer to the pop-up version of the episode “Cabin Fever” (not Jacob’s Cabin) where Olivia was apparently referenced as a wife. Sorry, I am sleep-deprived!

  7. 7

    mswendy said,

    LOL that’s ok , Jackie. Thanks for the info. 🙂

    I’m a little sleep deprived myself with the “spring ahead” one hour where I’m from.

    Why can’t we just settle on one time already? Only half the country does this.

    Daniel Faraday, please help me out with this one. 🙂

  8. 8

    Capcom said,

    Haha, another funny point from Bunnyland, that Daylight Saving time can cause time unstuckness and bloody noses, etc. 🙂

    LOL, you always have great ideas over here!

  9. 9

    mswendy said,

    Thanks, Capcom. 🙂

    I tried to get Daniel to explain it to me…but he kept muttering ” I won’t tell her. I WON’T tell her! ” So I guess this DST will continue its bi-yearly assault on our senses.

    P.S. Excellent info about the papyrus boats and Egyptian research. Fascinating stuff. 8)

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