LOST Thoughts : A Silly Jacob Theory


I will be writing about Season 5 , Episode 9 ” Namaste”, but I just needed to work out a little theory about Jacob.

Watching last night’s episode and finding out that Horace and Amy’s baby is an Ethan and not a Jacob got me to thinking, as did listening to a recent episode of The LOST Mystery Podcast with Anton and Evan (Anton is a first time viewer, Evan is “up to date”) It was about the juliet-tJuliet-centric episode ( One of Us, Season Three) where ben-t13Ben tells Juliet that Jacob can cure her sister, Rachel, if she stays on the island.

Anton and Evan were discussing that this ability to do this sounded like it was beyond medicine and magnetic island properties. That this ” Jacob” can give disease as well as take it away, at will.

Then… it hit me! Jacob…what do the initials for JJ stand for … Jeffrey JACOB Abrams. Could Jacob be JJ? And that even though Darlton are “in charge” of LOST… the “ghost” of JJ ( Jacob) still very much present? That who lives, dies, gets sick or promoted… is still under his “influence” in a very “tongue in cheek” tribute to him? Maybe ” Shephard isn’t even on Jacob’s list” because lost-jack-t2Jack was supposed to be killed of in the Pilot episode? 🙂

Hey, I said it was silly…I didn’t say it was right. 😉


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    martin said,

    The deus ex machina in LOST.

    I believe that Christian Shepard, (He is the ghost in the machine.) He exists to move the story ahead– when their is no other way forward, and he was brought to the island by the “kill him in the first episode; Jack Shepard, the doctor and healer.
    Jack never wanted to be a leader, he is a healer, and in his mind, declining as an soul by his failure to save the LOST.
    Jack may no be finished as he could be a king.

    Sawyers place as a con artist-King could be just that. Time may reorder the future and actions might determine a unexpected truth.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Martin,

    Some very interesting thoughts. 8)

    As far as Jack is concerned, I keep going back to the episode ” White Rabbit” where Locke tells him to essentially “finish what he’s started” by chasing whatever he was chasing at the time ( Christian). Locke says ” A leader can’t lead…until he knows where he’s going”. So it’s may not be a matter of if ,but when ,with Jack.

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