LOST Thoughts : He’s Our You ( or Sayid’s Excellent Adventure/Ben’s Bogus Journey


For starters, (IMO) one of the tensest episodes to date.
And you just knew someone wasn’t going to make it out of it alive.
It just happened to be Ben this time… or should I say IN this time?

I am going to attempt to categorize this episode in “Bill and Ted” speak… The 80’s meets The 70’s….Whoa!

lost-sayid-t1Sayid kills a chicken with his bare hands…but he lures his prey first. Much like Nathan/Goodwin in Season Two. Similar scenario to lost-eko-tMr. Eko killing for his younger brother, Yemi and lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer killing Cooper for lost-locke-t1Locke. Born killers or circumstantial? Also, another broken neck on the show. What’s the deal with all the broken necks?


ben-t13Ben made Sayid believe that he had some kind of noble purpose in his life. Fooled ya! So sorry about that. Turns out Ben was just using someone for personal gain. ( Imagine that !) In this case, to kill the majority of Widmore’s flunkies, who may or may not truly be responsible for Nadia’s death. Which still doesn’t answer the question of who is The Economist. And seeing that Widmore gave Locke a beyond current telephone to contact him with ( Just dial the # 23) , I’m guessing Charles is A-OK with technology. But Jacob isn’t. Were these people Ben had Sayid kill Jacob’s people and not Widmore’s? I’m thinking that Sayid ” I believe what I can see” Jarrah is not going to be as quickly convinced about seeking vengeance on ” The Invisible Man”.

lost-hurley-tHurley’s working in the kitchen making Dharma Ham Flavored Waffles with dipping sauce… informing lost-kate-t1Kate and lost-jack-t2Jack of the obvious… Sawliet or Jawyer… I’m not sure what term we’re using yet. Is it just me, or was that Locke’s almost tour guide from the ” Walkabout” episode walking over, then sitting down, at a table diagonal from them? Hey, who knows…it’s LOST! πŸ˜‰


Good ol’ Roger Workman… what a sweetheart, huh? So, we get a longer glimpse into Ben’s sad past. Roger was not only an alcoholic, neglectful and verbally destructive, the elder Linus likes to throw in a beating, if the mood strikes him ( Please, Mood…you have my permission to strike him πŸ™‚ ) And it clearly affects Sayid…but it does not dissuade him from what he believes is his “purpose”.


A lot of physicality in the episode… Sawyer urging Sayid to punch him…and vice versa… but that was to keep Sayid safe.
Sayid getting tasered….I’m gonna say, in the gut. Yeah, I’m sticking with that answer… πŸ™‚
Sayid takes a boot to the face by Ilana. I think that move in is the hitman/spy equivalent to the ” Ol’ Wookie Prisoner Gag” … that was so effectively used against Aldo in Season Three’s ” Not in Portland”.

Sayid walked right into the arms of Ilana… only to be escorted onto a flight to Guam to avenge the death of Mr. Avileno. Sayid doesn’t want to get on board , once he gets a load of who are his traveling companions. Ilana offers the idea of getting a rabbit’s foot to ward off Sayid’s sudden “superstition”. It’s About Bunnies!

Wiggin’ Out!

Sayid is taken by LeFleur, Horace, Phil and Radzinsky ( aka Stu) to see Larry…I’m sorry…Oldham, the Dharma’s “Medicine Man” , of sorts. His pharmacy is strictly of the “bathtub” variety. Sayid is given a sugar cube with “truth telling serum” on it. It worked…but they didn’t know what he was talking about…thankfully for Sawyer and the rest of our Losties.
Watching this scene made me think if the stuff that Sayid was detailing actually gave them “ideas”about what to build in the future. πŸ™‚

Town Counsel Meeting about what to do with the ” Hostile”. Stu wants to “stew” him. Amy at first looks concerned, then quickly changes her tune and says ” Kill him. What about the children.” I am now in the camp of theorist that Amy is short for Amelia, the older woman at Juliet’s book club. ( Tale of Two Cities, Season 3) . Add almost 30 years to her…. it fits. This would make her…an Other. The question is…has she been one all along, not just since ” The Purge” to come?

As If!
Ben is the one to get Sayid to leave his life of house building to do his bidding again! And of course, Ben wasn’t sure what happened to Locke, but he thinks it was murder! You don’t say!! Interestingly, the usually well pressed, dapper Ben, is seen wearing a wrinkled old blue striped shirt under a beige blazer… a shirt just like….christianshephard-tChristian Shepard. “You’re a killer, Sayid”…very reminiscent of ” You’re the killer, Ana Lucia” in Season Two. Fate vs Choice? Also, on the wall behind Sayid are two handsaws , facing opposite directions. One has a light handle, one has a dark handle.

No Way!
Flaming microbus, started by ..little Ben? Much like walt-t2Walt burning the raft ( Ben was also sporting a stripped shirt just like Walt used to wear) Fire was also used in diversion by lost-charlie-t1Charlie when he took Aaron ( Fire + Water, Season Two) and smoke by danielle-t1Danielle ( to also take Aaron , Exodus , Season One) and by the Losties ( Live Together, Die Alone, Season Two) Ben wants to join the Hostiles, with Sayid’s help. Sayid tells him that his father was a hard man too. Ben replies ” I hated him” . To quote Hurley ” Um…what?” *Unless I heard it wrong, Ben speaks of Roger in past tense. Why? Let the theories begin! πŸ™‚
*UPDATE I did hear it wrong. It was “I hate it here” … Thanks to rewatch on better tv and confirmation from Capcom. I’ve GOT to get a DVR or something! Tube tv & VHS… you’re lettin’ me down! πŸ˜‰


Sayid, like that chicken , lures little Ben to his death. And there is no question of whether he was shot. The question remains, ” Will Ben survive?” And from that inquiry, other questions emerge…
Will the Island heal Ben?
Will Jack operate on Ben again?
If he is dead, how does this affect the story?
If he is not dead, how will this affect the story?

And in the end…maybe ” He’s Our You” really isn’t about the commonalities between Sayid and Dr. Sugar Cubes… but the ” He” is really Ben.

Later! πŸ™‚


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  1. 2

    Capcom said,

    Heheh, good summary. πŸ˜€

    I’m pretty sure that Bennie said, “I hate it here.” That’s what it sounds like to me and also says that on my captions. ???

    Amy really bothers me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be a DI defector to the Hostile side. The picnic thing seemed weird to me and like a setup for Paul somehow. I dunno, I’m sure I’m wrong, but it still seemed odd.

    Altho we don’t know how badly the Hostiles have treated the DI, I’m still put off by how easily the DI puts aside their peace and love stuff when things get dicey, and resort to violence. If they are defending themselves in proportion to the Hostiles’ activites then it’s justified more or less, and we need to know how they got so far from their philosophical beginnings.

  2. 3

    mswendy said,

    Thanks, Capcom!

    Yes, you are correct… Ben said ” I hate it here.” Must upgrade some of my “technology” ( speaking of the 80’s …lol)

    Amy does seem odd. But I know what you mean. LOST might make someone mean or strange…and then they are actually decent and vice versa.

    Yes, with the whole DI vs Hostiles , much like the Losties vs The Others. And the writers like to point out through the dialog how The Losties have killed more people than The Others. So, we are kept “off kilter” about with whom we should sympathize . I have a feeling we are going to be guessing the “sides” right up until the last frame…. and STILL won’t be entirely convinced… πŸ™‚

  3. 4

    Capcom said,

    I definitely agree, we may still be wondering who to side with after all is said and done! I wouldn’t really like that, just because I’d like to know what TPTB feel about all these people they’ve created, but it could happen. :-O

  4. 5

    mswendy said,

    I’m with you, Capcom. In the end, I’m hoping for a dark/light “resolution” … going to where it started in the vein of the backgammon explanation.

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