LOST Thoughts : ” Whatever Happened, Happened” ( or Three Women and a Baby)


K nocked out lost-jin-tJin wakes up to find little ben-t13Ben with a gunshot wound on his right side? Mirror image or issue of character’s perception of events?

A aron just waking up, arriving at Cassidy’s house. Snoozing again, later on at hotel. Writers seem to make a point of Aaron’s sleeping habits in just about every episode he’s in. Why?

T une playing on lost-kate-t1Kate’s car stereo ” She’s Got You” by Patsy Cline. Her music has a propensity of popping up in Katecentric episodes. Perhaps because not only Ms. Kline died in a plane crash but she was also the wife of an abusive alcoholic. Will this be Kate’s fate as well… or at least, thinks it is?
( Lost Alums : ” Sweet Dreams” : (1985) Biopic about Patsy Cline, Starring Jessica Lange and Ed Harris…. also features a Mr. Carlton Cuse in the role of ” Sargent” . 8) )

H urleylost-hurley-t and miles-tMiles ” Time Travel Tussle” was mindbogglingly hilarious. Was like a sci fi version of Abbott and Costello’s ” Who’s On First”. And I love the fact that despite his initial frustration with Hugo’s POV, Miles still wanted to continue the discussion after juliet-tJuliet kicked them out. “Hey, ask me some more questions about time travel!”

E verybody’s favorite island lullaby ” Catch a Falling Star ” is being sung by Kate as she walks up to Cassidy’s door for the first time. christianshephard-tChristian sang it to claire-tClaire when she was little. Claire wanted the adoptive parents to sing it to her then unborn child. It was on the mobile at the Medical Station (The Staff) when Ethan took Claire there, after he kidnapped her. Now Kate is singing it. Claire wasn’t supposed to let Aaron be “Raised by AnOther ” until that nice couple from LA “showed up”. What if Claire isn’t “found” by Kate. Is Ms. Austen still part of that “nice couple” … or will desmond-t1Desmond’s vision come true? The only thing is… getting Aaron on the Island for that to happen…. unless he’s on the rescue chopper back?

R oger , lost-jack-t2Jack and Willie are the only janitors that had keys that could have let Sayid out. Maybe it’s Willie Nelson and the song in the season opener was recorded at Dharma Studios ? πŸ™‚

ngenious lost-sawyer-t1LeFleur makes it look so easy. Acted like he just met Kate and solved “The Case of the Missing Keys” in a minute’s time!

N oticed a ” No Soliciting” sign on Cassidy’s house. Not going to fall for any more “Salesmen”. Not sure about the whole “Sawyer jumped cuz’ he’s a coward” rant by Cassidy. Still think he did more for his friends than for himself… but might have played a small role in it. Another Lostie branded with the “Coward” label. Hmmm…

E xperience of how it all “turns out” hasn’t happened yet … but everything else has, past and future.

C an Jack save little Ben? Maybe…but he’s not going to. I guess Jack now knows that he believes in destiny. ( Question : Why is Dharma’s only known surgeon at the Looking Glass Station for the next couple days and why can’t they bring them back? )

A ppointed to the wrong jobs were Roger Linus and Kate Austen. Why Kate is now a “grease monkey” is for her protection… and Juliet can keep an eye on her. But I wonder if Roger really was meant for a more “prestigious” position, as he claims?

R oger seems to have “taken a shine” to Kate. Here’s a weird theory: Kate thinks she can never be “good” ( ” What Kate Did, Season 2) but still wants a family. What if she takes up with Mr. Linus, a man much like her dad and becomes… Ben’s “mom”? Aaron is “Sweet and kind and GOOD” , Kate tells his grandmother. But Ben, who is not… she might be able to work with him. Hey, it’s LOST. Ya never know! πŸ™‚

O ld Jack apparently wasn’t much liked by Kate either. Ouch!

L ost Aaron at the grocery store, in search of a much needed milk… no wait…juice box. He’s found by Claire lookalike. Reality sets in for Kate. Or is that destiny?

E ventually , despite her best efforts, Juliet is resolved that little Ben will die. That is …unless they take him to The Others.

A ny of us can die” says Miles (according to time travel “rules” ) Season 5 Foreshadow alert?

N o , you’re all free to leave when ever you want. I’ll just shoot you in the leg”. Miles is on a roll in this episode! πŸ™‚

D renched Jack in ethical battle with irate Juliet. Why did Jack come back to the Island? He doesn’t know..but he was supposed to.

C lementine details from Kate making Sawyer flustered… in a happy kinda way. πŸ™‚

L ooks like Sawyer is letting ” Freckles” know that he is trying to save Ben for “her” . Presumptively for Juliet… but maybe a little for his own child, Clementine, too.

A aron , as we discover, is with Carole Littleton, so Kate can go back to the Island to find his mother. Excellent…Kudos to the writers!

nto Hostile territory go Kate, Sawyer and a nearly dead Benjamin Linus. It’s not too long before they “meet their acquaintance “.

R ichard Alpertrichard-t7 steps in and says that he can “help” Ben … but he won’t remember what happened to him, he will “lose his innocence” and will never be the same, permanently making him an Other. And it looked like Richard couldn’t wait to get started and is Temple bound. Mr. Alpert = Creeptastic! However, Ellie and Charles most likely won’t approve of this. But Richard says he doesn’t answer to them. So, who does he answer to, then? Have a pretty good idea who. Ellie, being most likely Eloise Hawking, is supposedly danielfaraday-tDaniel’s mother (but she never fesses up to it) . If this is the case, does that mean Daniel is an Islander and will a younger version of him show up soon? And if is true, why no nosebleeds? Is it because of Desmond, his constant? Is it because he “built an immunity” at Oxford, doing all those experiments without a helmet on? And could his being there, as both a child and an adult… help usher in ” The Incident” ? And knowing this, is this why Daniel made himself “gone” or did something/someone else?

E nds with a now conscious Ben facing a now alive lost-locke-t1Locke. Umm…Bygones?

After all that, now I need a juice box too. Grape, if you got it. πŸ™‚



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  1. 2

    Capcom said,


    No kidding, Carlton’s in that movie?! I love that movie, I’ll have to get it now. πŸ™‚

    The gunshot thing stuck out like a sore thumb didn’t it, and it is still bugging me.

    Yes, whew, that was a good one that James pulled when they found Kate in the security bunker. Dangitt, why can’t she just be quiet?

    I agree, that attitude of Cassidy’s was off-kilter to me. She wasn’t exactly a puritan after she went along with all the cons that they did together. Ms. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. :-p

    Aw, nice thought that maybe James was saving Bennie also because of thoughts of Clementine. πŸ™‚

    Wow, all this time we thought that the two bunnies exploded during the Incident, but maybe it was two Daniels, like you said! X-D

  2. 3

    mswendy said,

    Yeah, that just blew my mind about Carlton Cuse being in that movie. πŸ™‚

    I’m thinking because it was so obvious about the bullet wound jumping around that the writers are trying to tell us something major. Either that or it’s the worst continuity error to date…lol.

    I have a feeling that Ms. Austin is going to “let the cat out of the bag” and call James ” Sawyer ” around someone who heard Sayid’s Sugar Soliloquy by Oldman’s tepee. ( Horace, Radzinsky, Phil )

    Cassidy questioned whether the money Kate was giving her was from Sawyer, that it probably wasn’t his. It wasn’t in this case. It was Kate’s. But in “Every Man for Himself ” ( Season 3) his share of the money from tricking Munson out of the money he embezzled , was to go to an account in Albuquerque for Clementine. So, he did try to take care of her in some way. But that Warden was so corrupt, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never put that money in the bank but kept it for himself. In turn, allowed Cassidy to think that Sawyer was a total deadbeat. So, I can see a little bitterness might set in… but don’t take it out on Kate.

    I thought I saw a little glimmer of “Proud Papa” in his eyes for a second when he said Clemetine’s name.

    Take cover! We don’t want another Arzt moment with poor ol’ Daniel… that’s a “black tie event” that I would not want to attend. πŸ˜‰

  3. 4

    Capcom said,

    Haha! πŸ˜€

    I was just thinking about Cassidy that she learned that he was a conman, stuck with him anyway, conned people right along with him, and expects him to be more than a lowlife in the long run? (Especially since she acted like a lowlife con with him) It reminds me of a girl friend that I hung out with for a while who used to date bikers only…she’d tell me how mean and bad@ss they were, and then she’d complain all over when they treated her badly, sheesh. πŸ˜‰

  4. 5

    mswendy said,

    LOL… And we all wonder why they have to keep going back to the Island… I think you just hit the nail on the head. πŸ™‚

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