LOST Polls : The Time of the End ?

mswendygravitar8 We all might have some theory about what might happen in that final scene of LOST. But how about when it will happen?


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    Donald said,

    2007 real time. I don’t think time travel will be the ultimate means for telling the story. The losties are invested in their own timeline and we kinda are as well. I think/hope they will return to their original timeline and finish the series that way.

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    mswendy said,

    Hi Donald,

    So, time travel acts more like a vehicle to get them where they are ultimately going rather than being the “destination”.

    I wonder if the “rescue” that Desmond actually saw of Claire and Aaron was from “when” they are as apposed to just “where” they are.

    I’m not sure what I just said there….lol.

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