LOST Poll: Parental Guidance Suggested

mswendygravitar8 Congratulations to Josh and Yessica Holloway on the arrival of their baby girl, Java, on April 9th, 2009!

In celebration of this joyous event… today’s poll is about babies on LOST.

A few episodes ago, we witnessed the delivery of Horace and Amy Goodspeed’s bouncing baby boy, Ethan ( is this the Ethan? Probably…. but LOST does like to repeat names) . Strictly storywise….


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    […] Original post by mswendy […]

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    Capcom said,

    Heheh, funny poll. We have yet to see who is the first pregnancy casualty. Hopefully it’s not one of our main ladies, but TPTB might just insert that into the time twist, i.e., that it happened after they were there, but would it have happened if they weren’t there. On second thought, I don’t want TPTB to mess with our heads like that! 😮

  3. 3

    mswendy said,

    But Capcom…they’re so good at it…lol

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