LOST Thoughts : Happy 100th , LOST!!!


In celebration of LOST’s 100th Episode…I’m going to “Take a walk down memory lane” and share a little something from the previous 99 episodes that made me think..or scared…or cry…or just enjoyed ( because if I wrote everything I liked , I wouldn’t have time to watch tonight’s show) . 🙂

Season One

The Pilot , Part One : Kate and Jack “sewing scene”.
The Pilot, Part Two: The Backgammon Speech
Tabula Rasa : Sayid tossing Sawyer some fruit after he missed the Marshall
Walkabout: Locke at the travel office ( I admit it…I cry every time I see it)
White Rabbit: The introduction of Christian Shephard
House of the Rising Sun : The finding of ” Adam and Eve” … and the dark and light stones
The Moth : Charlie plugging the name of his band in the confessional
Confidence Man : ” It’s about bunnies!”
Solitary: The 1st (and hopefully, last) Island Open
Raised By Another : Charlie’s dream that starts with ” I’m driving a bus…”
ATBCHDI: Hurley and Walt arguing about whether taking 17th place in a backgammon tournament is good or not.
WETCMB: Rose helping Charlie with his depression
Hearts and Minds: The first character crossover ( Sawyer and Boone at the police station)
Special : Michael’s reaction to Brian when he is told “there is something about him”…i.e ” That kid ain’t right!”
Homecoming: That unfortunate copier incident
Outlaws : Sayid telling Sawyer that the reason why the boar took his tarp is “maybe it wanted to go camping”.
..In Translation: ” Boat!”
Numbers: Hurley and Danielle’s meeting in the jungle
Deus Ex Machina: Locke explaining the game of Mousetrap
Do No Harm : The Life and Death montage
The Greater Good: Sawyer reading a car magazine to Aaron
Born to Run: ( Charlie talking about the new album he’s writing) ” This is track two. It’s called ” Monster Eats the Pilot”
Exodus, Part One : Sawyer telling Jack about some guy named Christian
Exodus, Part Two : Locke and Jack talking about destiny, right before they open the hatch

Season Two

Man of Science , Man of Faith : What…turns out to be who …was in The Hatch
Adrift : Sawyer taking out a bullet with his bare hands… Wow, that was gross .. “You got a bandaid?”
Orientation : The Swan film , Starring Marvin Candle
Everybody Hates Hugo: Hurley and Locke had the same boss, Randy Nations
..And Found: Jin and Sun’s eventual “meeting”
Abandoned : Wet Walt…scary!
The Other 48 Days : Ana Lucia confronting Goodwin, over a mango
Collision: Rose and Bernard, together at last…and Jack and Ana, since their airport meeting
What Kate Did: Eko telling Locke about King Josiah… and giving him the rest of the Swan film
The 23 Psalm: A close up look at Smokey
The Hunting Party : Sawyer talking about his favorite leaf
Fire + Water: “You All Every Butties” …It’s horrifying … and yet, I can’t look away! 🙂
The Long Con: Sawyer cons them all …with the help of Charlie (nice twist)
One of Them : Henry Gale, baby!!!
Maternity Leave: Dr. Ethan Rom ?!
The Whole Truth : Charlie “almost” giving Ana Lucia a gun
Lockdown : The Blast Door Map
S.O.S. : Bernard’s proposal to Rose and ” These Arms of Mine”
Two for the Road: Hurley taking Libby to a “secluded” beach… which turns to be theirs…Jin waving in the distance
? : The tape of Charlotte Malkin not being dead… gut wrenching
Three Minutes : The scene of the aforementioned title…
Live Together, Die Alone: Kelvin spent time in The Hatch

Season Three

A Tale of Two Cities: Downtown in New Otherton
The Glass Ballerina : The Red Sox win the Series
Further Instructions : Boone and Locke’s Airport Vision
Every Man for Himself : Bunny number 8
The Cost of Living: Juliet’s cue cards
I Do : Kate doesn’t do Taco Night..you got that!
Not in Portland : Richard Alpert as Juliet’s “Recruiter” (with the help of Ethan Rom)
Flashes Before Your Eyes: Desmond’s “interview” with Charles Widmore
Stranger in a Strange Land : Sawyer calling Karl ” Bobby Brady” … and Karl having no idea what he’s talking about
Tricia Tanaka is Dead: Hurley : ” See..he had a name …Roger Workman”
Enter 77 : Mikhail ( Patchy) and a new station
Par Avion : Jack playing football with The Others?!
TMFT : Locke going into his wheelchair for the first time *tear* 😦
Expose‘: The concept of a possible “mole” being introduced (hinted at by Hurley reading Nikki’s script)
Left Behind : Kate and Juliet very brief fight in The Other’s Recreation Hall ( I need to learn moves like that…or do I ? ) 😉
One of Us : Ben telling Mikhail not to shoot him and Juliet, as they approach The Flame Station.
Catch 22: Jin’s ” Ghost Story” … and Hurley’s reaction to it.
D.O.C. : Juliet recording , for Ben, her findings about Sun’s pregnancy… and a little unrecorded message for Mr. Linus.
The Brig : ” Sawyer’s my name too.”
TMBTC : Our first look at The Dharma Initiative ( Behind the scenes)
Greatest Hits: Charlie’s expression, right before he dives into the water
TTLG : Jack and Kate… and the moment when I realized ” Everything’s going to change” 😉

Season Four

TBOTE : Charlie “visits” Hurley at Santa Rosa.
Confirmed Dead : Mile’s photo of Ben, looking oh so sneaky.
The Economist: Daniel’s rocket experiment ( Now, whether I understand it is another issue entirely 😉 )
Eggtown : Kate’s son is… Aaron?!
The Constant : Getting to see a little bit of Desmond’s “time” in the military
The Other Woman : Ben bakes Juliet a ham ( I know…I mention it often. I just find it so creepy/funny)
Ji Yeon : Sun and Jin talking about baby names on the beach
Meet Kevin Johnson : Danielle and Karl are shot?!?!?! Whaaaaa?!
TSOTTC: Smokey like a freight train, pouncing on The Keam Team
SNBH : Jack’s visit with Hurley at Santa Rosa …sad and unsettling
Cabin Fever : Richard Alpert visiting the maternity ward in Tustin, CA
TNPLH, Part One : ” They’re calling you The Oceanic 6″
TNPLH, Part Two & Three : Ben turning the frozen donkey wheel

Season 5

Because You Left : Pierre Chang opens the season
The Lie : Hot Pocket!
Jughead : “Efren Salonga! Efren Salonga!”
The Little Prince : ” Hello. My name is Danielle..Danielle Rousseau.”
This Place is Death : What happened to Montand’s arm
316: Jack and Locke at Simon’s Butcher Shop ( escorted by Jill…”What’s in the bag?” )
TLADOJB: Ben’s menacing look, watching Locke talk to Walt in NYC
LeFleur : Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin sitting around the table outside, talking… and Daniel believes he sees Charlotte
Namaste: Jack being amused at the fact that ” Marvin Candle” is giving him his work assignment and jumpsuit.
He’s Our You : Sayid given a chicken salad sandwich by a 12 year old Benjamin Linus
Whatever Happened, Happened : Kate tells Carole Littleton that she is going back to the Island to find her daughter, Claire
Dead is Dead : ” What lies in the shadow of the statue?”
Some Like It Hoth : Miles watching his dad, Pierre Chang reading a book about polar bears to his 3 month old self. *tear*

What are some of your “moments” , as we await Episode 100? 🙂


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  1. 1

    Scotty 6 said,

    I know I will get slammed for saying this, but the “flotilla” scene at the end of “Stranger in a Strange Land” is one of the most beautiful scenes in the shows history. I HOPE that the dialogue just before it, where Jack explains that his tatoos don’t mean what they say, proves to be a pivotal moment in his story arc.

    I’ll duck now

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Scotty 6,

    If it’s what you liked… it’s what you liked. I think every single episode has something unique and there is so much to appreciate in all the amazing movie quality of LOST they bring to the small screen.

    I’ll duck with you…I think there was more to the tattoo stuff too….lol.

  3. 3

    Angela said,

    Great list! I had “forgotten” a few of them. Some of them even tug at my
    emotions just reading them.

    I’ve just listened to the Ramblecasts you and Heath hosted. I especially loved the BUNNY awards! I kept not listening to them because I thought something was wrong with the downloads. “No way a podcast can be 7 hours long!!!” LOL They were all great!

    Thanks again for compiling the list.

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you. There are just so many incredible moments in this series. And it just shows how effective these writers/actors/directors/editors..etc etc. etc … truly are in their storytelling.

    Thank you for listening to the LRN podcast. I think we will be doing the Bunny Awards again ( I like them too…lol ) They might make an appearance at the next RambleOn Cast after the finale. 8)

    By the way, Angela. you have a lovely website and your artwork is exquisite. 🙂

  5. 5

    Angela said,

    Hi Ms.Wendy!
    Thanks so much! What kind words!
    I’m so glad to hear that you all will be doing more Bunny Awards. They really were awesome! I have been giggling like an idiot listening to you guys…..and I have to admit that I really like Heath’s “Efren Salonga!”
    Take care and keep up the great work!

  6. 6

    mswendy said,

    YW , Angela. 🙂

    Thank you. So glad you are enjoying the podcast. Heath and I are having so much fun doing them. Pretty much when Heath says anything like Desmond, I crack up. But ” Efren Salonga”…that takes the cake!

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