LOST Thoughts : Follow the Leader ( or Locke’s Gonna Do WHAT Now? )


lost-jack-tJack: You like to play games, John?
lost-locke-t1Locke: Absolutely!

Exodus, Season One

Rules to Follow the Leader

“First a leader or “head of the line” is chosen, then the children all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the children have to mimic the leader’s actions. Any players who mess up or do not do what the leader does are out of the game. The last person standing other than the leader is now the new leader.” ( Wikipedia)

ben-t13Ben and richard-t7Richard seem very leery of their new “Leader” , Mr. John Locke. Something is “different” about him…as in maybe not quite “right”. Locke enters the camp with a boar around his neck, just like in Season One’s Walkabout (Originally, the boar was to be around Locke’s neck like this time but it looked fake. So, they had TOQ drag it into the scene. πŸ™‚ ) The last time Locke came into a camp in this manner… soon afterward , he tells Jack ” I looked into the eye of the Island…and what I saw…was beautiful”. Did he see it again… or was his possible re-encounter more “internalized”? sun-t Sun is focused on getting back to lost-jin-t“Team Jin” and Locke will use that if it keeps her ” in the line”… the one that leads to Jacob.

Capture the Flag

These “teams” have been not only separated by time and space but by their ideology and loyalties. lost-kate-t1Kate and Jack can’t agree on whether the crash was actually a blessing in disguise … or a tragic error. miles-tMiles just wants to survive but lost-hurley-tHurley wants to go back to his friends… who eventually sell them out so they can start over again in ” The Real World”. Eloise believes what is danielfaraday-tDaniel’s notebook in 1977, but changes her mind in the future. What is the deciding factor in her turnaround?

Duck, Duck, Goose

It’s not a pat on the head but the stomach . Charles appears concerned about Eloise’s tunnel swim underneath Team Dharma’s village to retrieve Jughead and saying out of earshot ” Not in your condition” . Was it little Daniel in there? Did she know it was him because she wanted to name her baby Daniel or did she decide to after she shot him? Would he be younger than charlotte-tCharlotte? Could this be Penelope and they were separated like Luke and Leia for their protection (or just a “parting of the ways”) : Charles raising Penny, Eloise raising Dan?

Hide and Seek

Miles, Jin and Hurley do there best at “hide” but Pierre Chang (wearing a snazzy Dharma jacket) is doing the “seeking” and finds out that Miles is his son *tear* and that they are in major danger on this Island. And Sayid has come out of “hiding” with a shot… to save the day for Kate. But he finds out his shooting of little Ben… didn’t save anything.

Red Light, Green Light

It looks like “the race is on” in who will get the information out of lost-sawyer-t1LeFleur and his girl. Horace? Nope, his engine is stalled. Radzinsky was blowing through some “green lights” until he saw red when James said ” I want my lawyer”. It looks like Phil “took the lead” by giving juliet-tJuliet a hearty slap. But I have a feeling , like Tom in TTLG ( Season 3 finale) somehow Sawyer’s going to be waiting for Phil at this season’s “finish line”.

Stalking the Drum

I have an odd theory. Daniel was able to know within hours, maybe less, of when things were going to occur… some of which that happened AFTER his own death. So how could he do that? Well, maybe he had some things that were already written by his mother in what was the past but would become his future. (?)
But down to the hours, maybe minutes? Then I was thinking about the metronome in ” The Variable”. He was able to tell his mother exactly how many beats had occurred instantaneously when she inquired. He said that he could “make time”. What if he could calculate, from the information and time periods of events, the near exact moments when they would take place? Like he was following beats and measures in music? As he “listened to the drumbeat”, he was able to find his “destiny”?

Button, Button

It seems like Richard is getting progressively more confused and the answers are more out of reach with each encounter with the Losties. And this season , he’s wearing glasses. Is this a sign of his time coming to an end? Or is it just natural progression of things from all the squinting from incredulity and model ship building lo these many years ( how many is anyone’s guess) ? πŸ™‚

Red Hands

How appropriate that Sawyer’s hands were so visibly red last week. The Island is “slapping” the Losties pretty quickly since the arrival of their long absent friends. Well, he is stinging back with a “Good riddance” and plans for him and his lady love, Juliet, to rake it in off Island with a 78′ Cowboys win and futures in Microsoft. But it looks like ” Destiny” is getting the last slap as Kate is now along for the ride. Ouch!

Simon Says

Or is it ” Ellie Says” …swim behind Richard through the underwater tunnels, Jack. This will take you to where the Jughead has been “laying low” since 1954, beneath the newly constructed Dharmaville. How will they get that out of there. The same way they got it down there… and it wasn’t by swimming with it though the tunnels, according to Richard. So…how did they get it there? Smokey?

Red Rover

Kate and Jack “break the chain” and go their separate ways. Kate can’t be with people who think shooting kids and blowing up bombs is ok ( How about shooting accomplices and blowing up dads? πŸ˜‰ ) So, what does this mean for her quest to find Aaron’s mom, claire-tClaire? And if she is on that sub, how does Richard “watch her (and the others in the “Nama..wha” picture) die”, like he told Sun? Prediction: That sub ain’t goin’ nowhere! πŸ™‚


As the moms are taking their children off Island for their safety, Miles watches his father sternly tell his mother to get out of here… because it was the only way to save the wife and son he loves. And we see little Charlotte and her mom getting ready to leave. But who didn’t we see? Amy and Ethan… hmmm.

Hot Lava

( IMO) One of the funniest scenes this season…and possibly in the history of the show… Hurley try to “step lightly” on the hot topic of NOT being from the future without getting “burned” by Pierre Chang’s line of questioning. ” Who’s the president of the United States?” πŸ™‚

Keep Away

Ben is now the “one in the middle” with the Island and Locke keeping it way over his head. How did John know when to send Richard out to take the bullet out of his leg and the exchange of the compass? Ben says that he has decided to do what Locke says and walk along with him where ever John is going. And I suspect that it is much easier to eventually knock whatever is being “kept away” out of Locke’s hands, if you’re standing next to him. πŸ˜‰

Blind Man’s Bluff

Has “Jacob” been “hiding in plain sight” all along? Is Locke “Jacob” and has to “kill” himself to be “set free” , much like Luke Skywalker “killing” Darth Vader during his training in ” The Empire Strikes Back” , only to reveal under the mask was the face of himself. To “kill” that dark side of himself… and later on finds out DV is …*(Star Wars spoiler)* his father. And as we know , patricide was a “necessity” for Locke. ( I know, more SW references…but it just “fit”)

I Spy

I spy… Jughead … I spy… groups that need to be united…I spy… danger at the Swan Hatch site…I spy… the beginnings of a war… I spy … Season Five finale goodness… just a few short days away. 8)

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