” LOST Revisited Now” News : Season 5, Episodes 16 and 17 Initial Reaction


Heath and I will be doing a Live Initial Reaction Show for Episodes 16 and 17 of Season 5 of LOST on Talkshoe on Thursday, May 14th, 2009 at 2:15 a.m. EST. Yes…. 2:15 A.M. East Coast Time…lol. We will be discussing what we just witnessed in this year’s LOST finale. You can check it out on Talkshoe ( LRN Episode 51)

Update ( 5/14/2009) : Show description
Initial Reaction to the 2 hr finale of Lost Season 5, episodes 16 & 17. “The Incident parts 1 & 2” concludes the 5th season of Lost for 2009. At 2am est The Lost Revisited Now group will get together on a community call to discuss all the details of this episode. Heath Solo will host the call as he will be joined by his beautiful co-host Ms. Wendy, and the always pretty Glen (Everyone’s favorite Star Wars, Jacob’s ladder and Hawthorne fan) among other friends and podcasters. Technically, Lost will be over for the season, but that doesn’t mean the podcasts are. The Finale is usually an episode that takes more than one podcast to cover. Heath and Ms. Wendy will discuss the finale in their weekly show Monday May 18th 8pm est on talkshoe. They will then do a podcast every few weeks over the summer, so you can get your Lost fix. This summer’s podcasts will include : further discussion on the finale, season 5 wrap-up, bunny awards special, Lost Ramble On casts, Ephram Solanga character analysis, Season 1 & 2 blu-ray extravaganza, breaking the mind of Glen, Season 5 blu-ray special features break down, comic con special, Season 6 preview show and they will pick up where Heath left off last summer with revisiting old episodes. So look out for the revisiting of “Solitary” the seaosn 1 Sayeed centric epsiode coming in June. email us your thoughts and what topics you’d like us to cover during the hiatus : thelostrevisited@gmail.com, bunnieshatch@aol.com and further the Lost discussion : http://www.mswendy.wordpress.com

If you want to email us : Heath’s is thelostrevisited@gmail.com or me ( Ms. Wendy) at bunnieshatch@aol.com.
Again, thank you for everyone who was at the last podcast. 🙂


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