” LOST Revisited Now” News : The Incident, Part Three Podcast


Here is the third part of The Lost Revisited Now podcast’s LOST Season 5’s finale “The Incident ” , ( Recorded on Sunday,May 31th, 2009 ) .You can find it either on Talkshoe or The LOST Podcasting Network. Here’s the show description:

Episode 55: Heath, Wendy, Axel, Alex, and Donald conclude discussion about “the Incident” and season 5. This is podcast 3 of 3 in the review of “The Incident” . Parts 1 and 2 : a full review of the finale, Part 3: being the culmination with theories and questions, and a look to season 6. We will be doing hiatus podcasts all summer and fall : Ephram Solanga character analysis, re-watches, Lost actor filmographies, among many other topics. Special thanks to : Donald is LOST podcast , The LOST Mythos Theorycast and our counselor Alex in Boston.

If you want to email us : Heath’s is thelostrevisited@gmail.com or me ( Ms. Wendy) at bunnieshatch@aol.com.

Again, thank you to everyone who stopped by the last show. 🙂

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    Jackie said,

    Great and fun podcast! I, for the record, liked the potpourri section. One of my favorite lines from Season 5 is also “Don’t Be Absurd!” and pretty much every scene with Dr. Chang. I looked for a Dr. Chang t-shirt but couldn’t find one. Hopefully one is forthcoming. I think he is my new favorite character.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Thanks, Jackie! 🙂

    Dr. Chang… he is just tremendous. Hope we see him again in Season Six. 8)

    I’ll bet there is something on Cafe’ Press. They have tons of LOST-themed shirts there. But it would be nice to see one at the ABC store.

  3. 3

    DanaInVermont said,

    Love your podcasts since they are very thoughtful and interesting. You all catch the deep meanings that most others miss.

    One thing though, that I want to comment on is Heath and I think a few others who keep referring to the first scene in “The Incident” that Jacob’s enemy says ‘We’ brought them here… This is where Jacob’s enemy asks Jacob how the ship found the island and when Jacob tells him he will have to ask them when they get here, Jacob’s enemy says he doesn’t have to ask, It seems like he says “You brought them here.” but Heath seems to think otherwise.

    Well, for the past few weeks I have listened to my tivo’d version with subtitles, gone on the ABC Lost website and played it with subtitles while watching his lips and found transcripts all over the net (one example only: http://www.dharmasecrets.com/forum/index.php?topic=14836.msg157345 but there’s more) and I respectfully must disagree with Heath and Axel, and any others that say it’s “WE”. Jacob’s enemy clearly seems to say that it was Jacob and that it’s “YOU” who brought the ship and apparently others we assume, to the island.

    Otherwise, I love all the cool theories and have been able to formulate my own too. I think Axel was the only one brought up something I thought of too and didn’t hear elsewhere, about Locke possibly being possessed by Jacob’s enemy in the 1st season too. This might work with the mobius strip idea and if the Incident brings things back full circle. And also, someone on your podcast, I am not sure if it was Heath, talked about two smoke monsters and maybe both can get off the island and be apparitions who may have appeared to the Oceanic Six off island.

    Thanks for such great podcasts!

    Dana In Vermont

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    Hi Dana,

    Thank you so much for all the kind words about the podcast. 🙂

    The you/we in that first scene… both are pretty compelling options: The former that one may have an ability the other does not possess. The later, in that they are working together and/or must pool their resources to continue “playing the game”.

    From my perspective, I have thought that it was “you” (re-listens, lip reading, etc) . However, this has not been the first time that a word or a sentence was confused on this show ( I’ve had to retract a theory or two because I still record on VHS and have “misheard”…lol) ABC has made mistakes with LOST info over the years. And even the writers had to retract about an error with Charlotte’s character…lol. But I think that you’ve presented some pretty solid evidence for the “you’ corner. 🙂

    Scott (who does the LOST caricatures) even suggested that they might “over dub” to leave some things a bit “questionable”. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. Also, I watched a clip, I think it a behind the scenes for LOST, about how loud the ocean is when filming a shot. You can hardly hear any dialog. They they dub the dialog clearer, in studio. But then they still need the ocean in the background to sound “authentic”. So, it’s easy to see where all the confusion over this word is coming from.

    I can’t wait to rewatch the seasons from this perspective, including what you mentioned above that was talked about on the podcast.

    Oh, and you can probably add to the list of twos… two statues. The one that we originally saw in Season Two… is different from where Jacob was residing in the finale. One is a left foot and light in color, one is darker and a right foot.

    Two players, two sides. One is light , one is dark. 8)

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