” LOST Revisited Now” : LRN on Lostaholics Rewatch, ” Keys To LOST” Top Ten Update and Heath’s Blog


Heath and I were both on last night’s latest ” Lostaholics Rewatching LOST ” podcast, Hosted by Nancy Drew. We discussed Episodes 13-16 of Season 1 ( I had to cut out before we got to ” Outlaws” 😦 ) We had a fun time, as usual. ( Thanks to all at ” LRLOST” podcast for having us on. 8) )

If you would like to check it out, as well as previous recordings , you can find it at the LRNor at Lostaholics Rewatching LOST podcast page ( Episode #4) And if you would like to catch a live show, “Lostaholics Rewatching LOST’ recording time is on Sunday nights at (pm EST ( unless specified on the schedule at Talkshoe)

Heath and I will also be on the “ Keys To LOST” podcast with Matt and Leslie, on Tuesday, July 21st , 2009 at 9:00 pm on Talkshoe. We will be sharing each of our ” Top Ten Favorite LOST Episodes” ( at least, for the moment 😉 ) . You can listen to Matt and Leslie’s previous episodes and/or check for their next live recording at Talkshoe.

And last but not least, Mr. Heath Solo has just started his own blog . (Congratulations, Heath!) It’s called ” Heath’s World” and he discusses media of all sorts and info about his podcast ” The Film List”. And he might occasionally post something about this other podcast he does. It’s about this show on ABC where these pretty people crash in a plane on a strange island. ( Sounds kinda “if-y”. Might give it a try, though 😉 ) If you would like to visit Heath’s blog go to heathworld.wordpress.com …or , click here. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Matt Murdick said,

    Yay! Thanks for the plug! Can’t wait to hear your list of fav eps!


  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    No problem, Matt! 🙂 Great list you sent over. I have a feeling there will be some repeats. But it’s going to be fun talking about what we like about them.

  3. 3

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    Hi Ms Wendy (and Matt) – just wanted to let you know that I enjoy both of your podcasts!! Thanks for all that you put into them!!

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    yw…Having such a great time doing these show. And thank you, SLS, for listening. 🙂

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