LOST Thoughts : Something Old, Something New…. Theory-wise


The hiatus is to serve as a time of rest and quiet reflection as we anticipate the return of Season Six.

Yeah, RIGHT!

I learned something quite a while ago : LOST never sleeps.

Besides podcasting at least once a week since the show faded to white, I’ve been visiting blogs, catching up on other people’s podcasts, rewatching episodes, reading LOST centered and LOST related books. And of course, tryin’ to keep the bunny alive here ! 🙂

In my time of “respite” , I’ve reexamined an old theory of mine stopping by the in depth and delightful LOST Tidbit blog (Hosted by KC) and a new theory that popped up just prior to appearing on the equally enlightening and entertaining Lostaholics podcast this past Sunday (Special thanks to Nancy Drew for letting me blabber on about it. 😉 )

The first, an oldie but a goody, about the “magnetic ” presence that is walt-t2Walter Lloyd, sparked from an article found here . This was a comment I left.

Hi KC,

You might have covered this. But if you haven’t, lost-michael-t1Michael in the episode ” Special” Season One, talks to Walt about perspective ( in the terms of art/drawing) But there are quite a few things that might be playing with the audience “perspective’ of Walt’s character, like with the bird crashing into the window/polar bear attack. Both images were in books he was reading. We are to assume that he caused the animals to appear (from our perspective) But from watching the mobisodes too, with the birds crashing right outside of Room 23’s boarded up window, I wonder if what might be special about Walt is more ” magnetic”.

Both polar bears and bird have a physical draw to magnetic poles. It’s almost like a built in compass. Interestingly, I also read that cows supposedly follow magnetic north. There are cows on the island too. Might have been part of some of the experiments ( as well as dinner. 🙂 )

So, is Walt like magnetic north? Does he have magnetic properties that they wanted to study like what was in the Swan Hatch? Why were they studying the properties? To harness it for time travel. Is this why Ms. Klugh asked if he showed up in places he shouldn’t be? Is Walt his own ” Time Machine”? Is he not prophetic but has seen the future with physical eyes through time travel ( Like what he told lost-locke-t1Locke about not opening the Hatch or him in a suit on the beach , surrounded by people who wanted to hurt Locke)?

Could be…or it just might be MY perspective ( for now) ..lol

In turn, Greg from the EYE M SICK blog ( a terrific site in its own right) chimed in soon after, adding on to the theory with the idea that Jacob and His Name Here ( Esau, MIB, Nemesis, AntiLocke, AntiJacob…etc. etc. etc.) represent positive (light) and negative (dark) forces, just like in magnetism ( Great thought, Greg! 8) )

The second is “hot off the griddle” from a rewatch of the episode ” Do No Harm” from Season One. Now, it’s very new, at least to me. And this, despite how many times I’ve seen this episode. ( Another reason why I love this show. 🙂 )

It involves the conjoined scenes between the caves and The Shephards’ rehearsal dinner .
lost-jack-t2Jack rifling through supplies in an attempt to saved boone-t1Boone’s life. lost-charlie-t1Charlie approaches Dr. Jack

Charlie : “Where’s shannon-tShannon? She’s his sister. She should be here!”

( Very next scene, Jack and Sarah’s rehearsal dinner)

Marc Silverman, best man: “And here she is, the future Mrs. Jack Shephard.”

This just seemed like a nice transition from present island time to a Jackback. However, Sarah starts talking about her accident. And the SVU that jumped the barrier and smacked into her. That other driver was none other than Adam Rutherford, Shannon’s father/Boone’s step father. In Season Two opener, “Man of Science, Man of Faith” , I remember that their was a discrepancy in the accident story. There was talk that Sarah and Adam we not in opposing vehicles but the same one. Either way, it was really the dialog that caught my attention, this go around.

Jack saying he doesn’t know where Boone’s sister Shannon is coupled with ” Here she is”, drawing attention to Sarah , got me thinking. What if they are saying that Sarah was Boone’s sister too ( in a Shannon sort of way, making the two ladies possible ” blood relation” ) ? Was she the daughter of Adam Rutherford, either knowingly or in the same manner as christianshephard-tChristian Shephard and claire-tClaire Littleton? Ah, yes! Another mysterious LOST connection yet again….maybe..lol.

Will we ever find the answer to either of these theories. I’m guessing yes to the first.. probably not to the second. But that’s ok. The later is the kind of thing that will keep the show going for me , long after the final reel is played.

Any thoughts : You can leave a comment or email me at bunnieshatch@aol.com. Thanks! 🙂


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    Celebritylife.org trackingback – LOST Thoughts : Something Old, Something New…. Theory-wise…

    Celebritylife.org trackingback – LOST Thoughts : Something Old, Something New…. Theory-wise…

  2. 2

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    This is why I love listening and reading other people’s theories and reasonings – everyone is so much smarter than I am when it comes to piecing things together! Thanks for sharing those thoughts!! It really gives us more to think about!! 🙂

    The only Theory I’ve really had (and it’s kind of crackpot-ish) is that Cindy was always part of the others and while on the plane, she possibly could have drugged everyone (or at least Jack!) through their drink / food so they wouldn’t really know how they ended up on the island! Although in season 3, we have seen the crash from the others’eyes also (I am not counting desmond’s words “I think I crashed your plane” since he didn’t actually witness it) I guess they really did crash but I still think there is something really weird about Cindy!!

  3. 3

    mswendy said,

    Hey there, SLS!

    I agree with you about Cindy. It’s a very strong possibility that she was an Others’ plant (seeing that Richard, Ben, and Ethan have all left the island and have come back) She didn’t seem too traumatized talking to Locke about how every one ( The Others/Hostiles) were excited to see him finally.

    To go along with the drugged drink/food theory ,could be that the oxygen masks had a little something extra in them as well, for the not hungry/thirsty crowd?

    And along those lines, Kate took a sip of juice right before the plane ripped apart ( a fact that the Marshall thought quite humorous since she drugged her husband Kevin. Then later, she did the same to Jack and helped Sun drug Jin ..who ended up being Michael. ) When the masks fell, she wasn’t able to reach it because of the handcuffs. When she finally did, she put it on the now unconscious Edward Mars. She didn’t get as much as most of the other people on the plane.

    Saying this, I have remembered this line since watching it live Season One. In the pilot episode, Kate and Jack are talking alone on the beach. Jack is describing the crash in detail , with the help of a leaf plane he made, for illustration. After Dr. Shephard tells of the happenings and his ultimate blacking out, Kate replies …

    ” I saw the WHOLE thing”

    I believe there is a lot more to that statement than we have been privy to. Hopefully… its meaning will be revealed this final season.

  4. 4

    Wray said,

    There have been a lot of surprises after re-watching these early episodes. First, I can’t believe how very good these episodes are! I remember how I dreaded watching House of the Rising Sun for example – but it was terrific the second time around! Second, how early the current mythology was introduced – we just didn’t know what we were seeing. Third, how confusing it all still is with regard to the light/dark/positive/negative/yin/yang.

    It’s still difficult to determine which is which when seeing the apparitions. I just finished watching ‘Man Behind the Curtain’ the other day. That is one sad episode.
    And, of course, it brings up the whole conundrum of the cabin. If Ben knew where the cabin was, why did he never go there himself? Did he just follow Richard’s orders out of repect or fear? Why was Jacob in the cabin in the first place? Was it Jacob at all?

    And then there’s Locke. Many people are quick to dismiss him as loser, easily manipulated or under the influence of someone else when he is strong and confident. After watching season one and random episodes of seasons 2 – 5, I just don’t agree. Here’s a guy who, no matter what he has to endure, believes that he can do great things. Even when he is working at that box company, he sits tall and doesn’t let his boss get to him. I don’t know many people who could be so calm in the face of that even if they weren’t paralyzed. Even though I have no idea what will happen in season 6 with Locke or Dark Locke I see him as someone who was at least searching for the truth on that island and that made him a fascinating character to watch.
    Another thing

  5. 6

    Capcom said,

    Awesome post and ideas here! I sure hope to high heavens that they tell us more about Walt’s past importance and influence to the show in the final season, criminnee.

    I like the ideas about what may have happened in the plane to knock out the Losties. Cindy slipping them “mickies” would be great. 😀

    Well, I had a boss that pretty much talked to me and some other peeps (who were not his favorites) like that Wray, and we had to take it. Now I guess that I could be categorized as what is called a “P*ssed Off Passive”, heheh. But, I’ll get over it eventually. 😮

    I really like your ideas about Sarah in that ep too, wow. Wouldn’t that be something!

    • 7

      mswendy said,

      I think…ok, scratch that…I hope that Walt has been downplayed as of late to throw us off the trail. There just seems to be much more going on with that young man than how tall he has gotten. ( Although, that little factoid has spawned, what I believe, to be two of the funniest lines from Seasons 4 and 5)

      Made me wonder what would have happened on Island if Jack finished those bottles Cindy gave him. Come to think of it…he used the alcohol, or so he was told, on an open wound. Did this help facilitate his visions of Christian like Locke’s paste? Boone’s was put on an open wound and not digested. Hmmm… I may be digging too deep here…but while I have the shovel with me… 🙂

      That’s what I love about these characters. The writers and actors don’t shy away from those moments. They aren’t always seen as the tough one…the smart one…the capable one. Like when Locke’s idea of “telling Randy off” is muttering ” Don’t tell me what I can’t do” under his breath. Or that Jack’s “Count to Five” story isn’t as fantastic as we were originally lead to believe. ( I agree, Wray ,that Locke has exhibited fortitude that is not seen very often, considering the tragic events he’d experienced throughout his life.)

      They all have their moments of weakness…of being lackluster. Yet, I believe that they are also those special people that they’ve been told that they were. And in holding onto that knowledge, they became who they inwardly envisioned that they would be…the tough one…the smart one..the capable one.

      And the Sarah thing… that would be kind of cool if it turned out to be true. 🙂

      • 8

        sawyerslilsassafras said,

        Glad someone else agrees that Jack’s “count to five” story turned out to be not as cool as the way he originally told Kate!

        Love the idea of the alcohol on the open wound!! What IS Cindy REALLY up to??? he-he!!

  6. 9

    Capcom said,

    I also think that that’s a big message on the show, in the vein of redemption, that anyone can be whatever they want to be in life, i.e., brave or weak, and that we can learn how to be strong even if we don’t start out that way and have made mistakes. TPTB have given us a lot of examples of how each major character has done that too (even if some might fluctuate back and forth a bit like Locke, heheh).

    What a great story, in the final analysis it may end up looking like a big scifi version of an Aesop’s Fable, haha. 🙂

    • 10

      mswendy said,

      LOL… sounds good to me. Love that.

      But that probably wouldn’t have made it at ABC if Damon and JJ let them know that. Good thing they were “allusive” about it. Like they are with us now…lol.

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