LOST Video : Michael Emerson as Hurley?

mswendygravitar8 Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson debate about the source of the obvious longtime “friction” between them, that came to a boiling point at the San Diego ComicCom 2009. No spoilers…just funny. 🙂

(Posted by LostSawyer840 on youtube)

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    Donald said,

    This was my favorite, the entire interaction between Hurley and Ben or whatever their real names are…

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    I agree…this clip is hilarious. I hope we get more Ben/Hurley scenes in Season Six. Those two sharing a candy bar in ” Cabin Fever” ….classic!

    • 3

      TMGLost said,

      I’m with you Ms. Wendy – honestly, that may be my all-time favorite scene of the series. Forget about mythology for a minute and underscore why we are so attached to these great characters.

      I’ve watched it over and over – it’s the kind of acting you rarely see in TV or film: wordless and understated, reliant on face, eyes and body language. Worthy of Buster Keaton or Laurel and Hardy.

      I want a poster or 8 1/2 x 11 still of that scene (black and white would be perfect).

      And, yeah, the interchange between Emerson and Jorge at CC09 was hysterical.

      • 4

        mswendy said,

        Hi TMGLost! 🙂

        That would be great if they had the wrapper of the candy bar from that scene , in the auction. It would probably come with a picture of the scene like they are doing with other LOST items.

        (IMO) Story wise : The mystery is what got me there. The characters are what keep me there.

  3. 5

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    Michael Emerson is a brilliant actor! His facial expressions are just great! I loved watching the interaction between Michael and Jorge! But my favorite moment was the eyeliner bit with Nestor Carbonell!!

    • 6

      mswendy said,

      That’s one of the many great things about LOST. The writers listen to what the fans are talking about… then somehow give us a nod back in the actual show. (i.e. Richard’s “eyeliner” ) 🙂

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