LOST Thoughts (and video) : Contemplating Kings and Conversational Korean

mswendygravitar8 The other day, spending some time at the library, I played a few games of chess. It’s been a long time since I’ve played chess. A very loooong time. And to show how far back it has been since I’ve played, my considerably younger opponent needed to reminded me that ” A king can’t take out another king”. Also according to the rules, a King can not be captured or removed from the board like other pieces. Which got me thinking about LOST, of course… and this scene…

( Ben Confronts Widmore, LOST Season 4, The Shape of Things to Come, Posted by edshrinker on youtube)

And maybe because of this rule, a “King” of a certain game cannot truly be banished or “taken off the board”. Maybe that’s why Ben was able to make it back. Maybe that’s why Widmore believes the Island ( the board”) is his. In their game… they are the “leaders”. But it appears, a much larger competition is being played out.

Which brought me to this scene…

( Jacob and ? on the beach, Season 5’s “The Incident”, Posted by CTUBauerUK on youtube)

And then , my thoughts went to richard-t7Richard telling , who he thought was lost-locke-t1Locke, that two leaders (Kings?) cannot go into the Temple with Jacob ( another King?) But Ben had been stripped of …or voluntarily stepped down, from his position as leader ( King) once he thought that John was raised from the dead. So, technically, Ben became just another piece in the game. In this case, a King wasn’t attacked by another King ( Ben killing Jacob) … hence the loophole.

Another thought has come to mind since Season Five has ended. Jacob visited sun-tSun and lost-jin-tJin at their wedding. A blond ‘American ” man who speaks perfect Korean, offering a blessing upon their marriage. But in Season One, another blond “American” man who speaks perfect Korean, shows up in the bathroom of the airport in Sydney. He tells Jin that he works for Sun’s father and that they can’t escape to America or he will lose his wife. This man is wearing a black Hawaiian shirt with large white flowers. Could this be … the MIB? (possibly representing his darkness surrounding their relationship, since their love is symbolized with a white flower)

* ComicCon spoiler. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know* πŸ™‚

Damon said at ComicCon that Jacob has never appeared as anyone but himself. But we know that his nemesis has at least once (as Locke) . So… was this man Jacob’s enemy? Unlike Jacob giving a “blessing” , this man was, in a sense, was giving a “curse” over their marriage. That The Kwons would be separated permanently.

And we never did find out why charlotte-tCharlotte spoke fluent Korean. Did Jin teach her in The Seventies when she was little so she could tell him what was going on in the future? Did she learn it as part of her studies because she was told she was “supposed” to? lost-hurley-t Hurley also spoke Korean in a dream in ” Everybody Hates Hugo”. Will we ever find out the significance of all of this? Probably not…lol. But then again, it may prove more relevant in Season Six. Somehow, I don’t think they showed us the Paik/Widmore connection for nothing. πŸ˜‰

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    Capcom said,

    Wow, great thoughts! What you said about the chess Kings certainly puts new meaning to the phrase, “he changed the rules” as well! It also creates a nice compartment in my head to file the idea that MIB can’t directly kill Jacob, until we get further explanation on that. And, especially if we don’t! πŸ™‚

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Thanks, Capcom! πŸ™‚ Good point about the rules. I remembered too that “‘ Alice in Wonderland” was about a card game and ” Through the Looking Glass” is based on a chess game. And the “TTLG” finale is n right in the middle of the series. So, I wonder… if LOST is doing something similar ( Now, I want to go back and find the card references in the first three seasons πŸ™‚ ) . And looking on Wiki, I found out that that the author Lewis Carroll’s favorite number….was 42.

    I think I feel another post comin’ on…lol.

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