LOST Poll : Comic Con Quandary

mswendygravitar8 Now that the curtain has fallen on the last of the ” Official” LOST panels, what should we do with the info we got from it ( especially in light of last year’s CC ) ?


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    izikavazo said,

    I’m not trusting them this year. I figure these videos are just hints and/or jokes, so I’ll enjoy them but I won’t put too much faith in them.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Izi! 🙂

    In light of the last few CC videos, these are, in all likelihood, more of a “setup ” of what is to be the focus of the season ahead. And yet, I’m probably still gonna theorizes about them, nerd that I am…lol.

  3. 3

    annainindiana said,

    I think that they are a mix of both–and I think it could be true that the Ajira commercial was telling the truth about the 30 year perfect record. If they were founded in 77, then thirty years later is 2007…and 316 didn’t crash until late 2007 (according to Lostpedia) or who knows, maybe even early 2008?! The commercial could have “aired” right before flight 316, and they could be tricking us by showing it to us at this point, to make us question. The Hurley commercial seemed like fun, and if he reset to the point of having good luck, then what point was that?? It would have to be way, way before 815! Before Grandpa Tito died! Before he won the lottery! …maybe he would have won with different numbers, and thus started his streak of good luck. The Kate segment, I don’t even know what to think…I thought it was pretty clear she had killed her actual father? Maybe that tells us that she is still on the run and they haven’t found her yet? And finally, maybe they are really telling the truth in these videos just because they fooled us last year…making us question them, and then actually handing us the truth, but we’re too afraid to trust them! Whew, this is longer than I thought. Talk to you later, Wendy! 🙂

    • 4

      mswendy said,

      Hey there, Anna! 🙂

      The only thing is is that commercial was for Oceanic and not Ajira. I looked to see if Ajira is a division of Oceanic but it looks like it is its own company. Now, Oceanic was founded the same year as some of the 316ers set off Jughead. So, did the airline come into existence BECAUSE of what happened? It appears that an alternate timeline, from these videos, is being implied…an alternate reality.

      I have a lame little theory going in my head that what we have watched these 5 seasons IS the alternate reality and what we will finish with was what was “supposed” to happen.

      But like you said, I wouldn’t be completely surprised in the least if the stuff they were showing us at CC is ” hiding in plain sight” (This was a line Sayid said in the Season 5 finale ) That the writers are telling us outright. They’re sneaky, I tell ya!

      Great thoughts, Anna! 🙂

      • 5

        annainindiana said,

        Hey Wendy! Argh, I am now frustrated I mixed up Oceanic and Ajira–Matt from Keys to Lost just pointed that out on my blog as well, since Denise and I even talked about it on our podcast! It had been a week or two since I watched the video and which airline it was got confuzzled in my mind. Hmm, that changes things. But if they do take us back to how things were “supposed” to happen, that still wipes out the first five seasons and makes them moot…that line from Sayid might be a good hint! They do stuff like that…on the official podcast last week, Adam and Eddie were saying how back in season 1 Damon and Carlton were doing a signing and Carlton wrote on some guy’s DVDs, “There’s a man in the hatch pressing a button every 108 minutes to save the world” and the guy never realized he had the secret to the second season right there!

  4. 6

    mswendy said,

    No sweat…happens to all of us, Anna. 🙂

    Yes, I heard that interview with A & E and I wonder now even more if that’s what they might be doing. But then again, maybe that’s what they WANT us to think they are doing. Or they might want us not to think that’s what they are doing , then think that’s what they are doing , then NOT think that because we’re thinking that so we won’t think that because that’s what they’re actually thinking….

    I have to go lay down now… 😉

    • 7

      mswendy said,

      Listening to that Oceanic commercial again on ” Keys To LOST ” ComicCon episode, it says that they’ve been flying since 1979. This is two years after Jughead was “detonated” (?) . This would make the Oceanic commercial being “aired” in 2009…present day for us.

      Any thoughts?

      • 8

        annainindiana said,

        Just went to watch the commercial again—that is absolutely right! They said 1979! So either they only did it to correspond to the actual date of Comic Con and real life, or they did it to foreshadow that we might be seeing the Losties in a time further forward than we are assuming, plus no crash? Or maybe the crash doesn’t have to go on their “permanent record” somehow; maybe they can chalk it down to uncontrollable events…okay, maybe not…

  5. 9

    mswendy said,

    That is very possible that we might be seeing “real time” this season. What that means…not sure yet. 🙂

    Is there another cover- up going to take place … a mirror image of the ” Here’s the fake plane wreckage” with a “dual citizenship”, in a way? One “copy ” in the real world has landed…one is still on the island? Is this where the actual time traveling bunnies will appear, in the form of our Losties? Did someone say “Identical cousins” ?!

    Season 6 : Patty Duke will replace the now deceased Isabel as the new ” Sheriff” of The Others. 😉

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