“LOST Revisited Now” News: Podcast Update for September, 2009


Starting this month, Heath Solo and I are going to be podcasting about two shows. I will be posting recording dates for both shows from now on here at the ” It’s About Bunnies” blog. We will be continuing our ” LOST Revisited Now” podcast throughout the hiatus and into the final season of LOST. We will also be doing a show about the new ABC drama ” Flash Forward” called ” The Flash Forward Podcast ” with Heath and Ms. Wendy.

Here is the schedule for upcoming podcast episodes ( Recorded on Talkshoe.)

Monday, September 7, 2009 at 9 pm EST
: Our first ” Flash Forward” podcast. This will be a “pre-show” episode. We will be focusing on the premise, actors/ producers/writers, and any interesting information we can dig up prior to the initial airing of the pilot episode.

Thursday, September 17th , 2009 at 9pm EST : Heath and I will be recording ” The Bunny Awards” show for the LOST Season 2 finale ( and Heath’s favorite episode) “Live Together, Die Alone” for ” The LOST Revisited Now”.

Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 9pm: ” Flash Forward”
episode based on the first episode ( Airing Thursday, September 24th at 8pm) .

You can contact Heath at thelostrevisited@gmail.com and/or me at bunnieshatch@aol.com .
On Twitter : HeathLRNow ( Heath) and/or BunniesLRNow (me)
For more info on the ” Flash Forward” and/or ” LOST” podcast, stop by HeathsWorld blog.

Thank you again to everyone who listened/stopped by the podcast. 8)


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