LOST Thoughts : Army Island Pictures


Listening to the latest “Keys To LOST” podcast hiatus episode , Matt brought up some unsolved mysteries sent in by Stefany Mac of Lostaholics blog. They were all really thought provoking reminders of how much we still have yet to discover the answer to ( or that the likelihood that some of them may remain “Unsolved”). But one in particular caught my attention. ” How did the Army discover the Island and get those photos of if it is so hard to find?”

Ms. Hawking was there when the US Army came in 1954 . The Hostiles eliminated the soldiers and took their uniforms and weapons ( one of which is most likely the knife Ana Lucia had in ” The Other 48 Days”, Season 2). Eloise might have taken those photos with her to the ” real world” and perhaps gave them to the “smart young man” who built The Lamppost.

Then it hit me… Granddad Ray!

I have a hunch that Eldest Shephard may have been a surviving member from the Army that located the Island back in the 1950’s and has been trying to get back ever since? Or he might be someone on ” The Mainland” that spearheaded operations and/or kept track of what was happening, much like Sam Toomey and Leonard Simms? Then again, he could be a Hostile who posed as a soldier out of necessity, much like lost-eko-tMr. Eko posing as a priest?

Ray’s grandson, lost-jack-t2Jack has been shown as somewhat incompetent in all things jungle. He can’t track. We are told on a few occasions that he keeps walking in circles. But in ” The Hunting Party”, lost-locke-t1Locke informs lost-sawyer-t1Sawyer and Jack that he lost lost-michael-t1Michael’s trail when they went looking for him. ” You don’t just LOSE a trail, John!” How would he know that ?!

And then there is Dr. Jack’s skills with a gun. Caught in a net? No problem. One shot and he and lost-kate-t1Kate hit the ground.

Maybe like Kate learned from her father Sam Austen ( another Sam in the military, Toomey the other one ) maybe Jack was educated by his granddad, Ray in survivalist tactics? In the fine LOST tradition… Jack’s just not telling anyone.

Maybe it’s just me and my wishful thinking that Granddad Ray is more involved than “accidently” having a pair of christianshephard-tChristian’s shoes ( despite the quality footwear’s significance) 🙂 .

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    Celebritylife.org tracking back – LOST Thoughts : Army Island Pictures…

    Celebritylife.org tracking back – LOST Thoughts : Army Island Pictures…

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