LOST Thoughts ( and video) : Locke, I Am Your Father! (?)


I was listening to Alex’s LOST Hiatus podcast and he was briefly mentioning his theory about the Smoke Monster. That Smokey at one point was a living being, possibly even a spiritual entity of some sort (Cerebus?) But then perhaps something happened that made it necessary to “harness” it and it is now partially mechanical ( Very interesting theory, by the way Alex 🙂 ) .

Disclaimer: I fully admit, the following theory is pretty “out there” and I’m not even sure where it’s going entirely…. but I decided to put it up anyway. 🙂

This got me thinking about the mixing of these two elements (organic and metallic) and of LOST writers admiration of ( yes, I know, again) “Star Wars”… and this scene came to mind ( I have a feeling that lost-hurley-tHurley probably wouldn’t have stayed conscious watching this 😉 ) .

( ” Darth Vader in the Making” from ” Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” Posted by melv4 on youtube)

In LOST, Season One, there is a Lockecentric episode titled ” Deus Ex Machina” which means ” God from the machine”. This is a term used for writers/playwrights who write themselves into a corner and can’t find a plausible way to end their story. So, they would tack on “God/an angel swoops down and saves the day! The End.” In this episode, Anthony Cooper told Locke that he must be “God” if he was his father, since he was “immaculately conceived”, according to Emily. We find out though that it was really Cooper that thought of the conception story for the con to steal John’s kidney.

But what if what Cooper/Emily were saying was actually true? And what if “Deus Ex Machina” is in the literal sense in LOST’s story line ? That there is an immortal being that resides within a machine. That this title might be a clue as to what Smokey is.

Maybe the first time we actually see Locke meet his dad wasn’t in a ” Deus Ex Machina” flashback but on Island in ” Walkabout”?

( Posted by LightSmokeMonster on youtube)

And is this the reason for John’s choice of subject for his drawing at a very young age?

( “Richard Alpert Visits John Locke “, Posted by gt2007tv on youtube)

With all the talk of Destiny and the uniqueness of his paternity, will we see a similar scene involving lost-locke-t1 “Colonel ” Locke ? 😉

( “Darth Vader: The Musical” : A Parody of Star Wars/Phantom of the Opera, Posted by oniontaker for youtube)

One more Locke connection : Watching this video reminded me that Luke Skywalker… was a farmer. 🙂


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    Wray said,

    This scene with young Locke and Richard Alpert has always bothered me. What is actually happening there? I realize that Alpert expected a particular answer from Locke (obviously he wanted Locke to choose the book and not the knife), but it seemed obvious to me that there was something going on with boy-Locke. I could see why Alpert might be disappointed, but why was he so angry? And later in season 5 Alpert tells Jack that he went to see Locke several times and “he didn’t seem particularly special” is just not true. The kid seems special to me sitting there with a picture he drew of what appears to be the “smoke monster” and choosing the 3 items that WE know belong to him later. It seems to me that if Alpert had heeded the warning that young Locke was giving him in that scene – things might have been different. It looks like Locke had a destiny all right, it just wasn’t the one everyone thought…

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Wray,

    Great observation on the Richard/ Little Locke scene. 8)

    What does Richard know? Does Locke picking the knife mean that Richard suspected that John would choose to be used for the MIB’s purposes in the future? Is it that , according to the Hostiles, their “chosen one” would pick the book because of its significance ( that hopefully, we will find out this season)?

    Richard seemed pretty happy about seeing the drawing of the Smoke Monster. But I’m leaning towards the possiblity that there might be 2 monsters ( to go with the 2 sides). And maybe the items that are chosen may tell which one you are influenced by ( Now, is this correct? Eh, who knows…lol)

    But even Jack corrected Richard doubting John’s “specialness” and told him to not give up on Locke ( which I think was a reminder to the audience, as well) .

    I think we’ve seen part of Locke destiny, sadly ending up in a silver box. But there’s more to this story. And I can’t imagine not seeing Locke’s purpose being brought to full completion.

    Like you said, though…it might not be the way that is expected.

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