LOST Video : The John Lockes

mswendygravitar7 In this month of LOCKEtober ( particularly celebrated by LOST Unlocked podcast with Brian and Chris.) , I stumbled upon this informative video. It was made by students who needed to do a comparative study of someone in pop culture with a famous English philosopher in history.

( Posted on youtube by bronti28)

If you have any other thoughts/info to add about either/both of the John Lockes , please leave them in comments. 🙂


By the way, if you have any theories/thoughts and/or a work of creative expression about John Locke in celebration of LOCKEtober, please send them to Chris and Brian over at LOST Unlocked podcast. Thanks! 8)


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    Wray said,

    Speaking of Locke (and it seems everyone is), where are you on the Locke-and-the-sickness scale.

    It seems to me that what we saw as “the sickness” with Danielle’s team is quite different from the influence of the island on Locke in Seasons 1-4. Many members of the 815 survivors were “influenced” to a greater or lesser extent, many had prophetic dreams or had experiences that enabled them to confront personal “demons”. It seems that MIB was looking for candidates for his own plans and found a perfect one in John Locke, but I don’t see him as having the sickness like Rousseau’s people.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Hi Wray,

    I believe that the difference between what happened with Locke vs Danielle’s team is what was contained in that silver box. Unless, of course, the team’s bodies were still down in that part of the temple (or outer gate of it) and something like what John is now, came out to the beach to kill Danielle. We never get to actually see what happened to them down there, so it’s still a guess, at this point.

    One question is If according to Danielle, that the Smoke Monster is a “security system” protecting ” The Island” , did she associate it with her team? Did she see “The Sickness” and Smokie as one and the same? Were they trying to protect the Island from some kind of knowledge they gained that the child she was carrying would, in the end, be the catalyst for the “changing of the rules” in the future? It’s all pretty twisted.

    When Mr. Eko went back to see Yemi’s body again, it was missing. The writers made a point of mentioning that. John told Eko that it might have disappeared because of the damage from the fire or wild animals took it, which is plausible, under normal circumstances. But this is, after all , LOST….lol. And Yemi does show up later…but says he is not Eko’s brother.

    Paul’s body needing to be recovered by the Hostiles, Richard asking Ben if he wanted to take Roger’s body back with them after the Purge ( with Ben refusing), Colleen’s body being burned and Christian Shephard’s body disappearing from his coffin yet he is everywhere on that Island… just seems to add to the mystery.

    But I think that ultimately, John Locke is “Special”. And what happened to him is unique. His body is still there, despite the MIB’s appearance. I’m not sure what that means entirely. But whatever the solution to that puzzle is, it was important enough for Jacob to have assembled his heavily armed team , well in advance, to be there to carry around the corpse of his proxy murderer . And how did Jacob know who that would be?

    October…November…December…January. Only 4 short months away until I am proven to be wrong yet again. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. 3

    Wray said,

    No doubt there are mysteries a-plenty still to solve (or not) on LOST.

    And you bring up a point that I hadn’t thought about since Danielle’s story was told in season 5 – I think Danielle more or less believed what she was told by Robert, but she stopped caring one way or another about any of the island mysteries when her daughter was taken. And it seems to me that the murderous intentions of her crew demonstrate the true “sickness”. They weren’t like Locke in the first few seasons, they were completely different from the people she knew. Apparently, Danielle and her crew weren’t “special” enough to be allowed to survive – where was Jacob in all this?

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    Right. Even when the team was in the bottom of the Temple, they were acting very strange. The team was luring her down there, even Montand who just had his arm ripped off ( thankfully, Jin was there to stop her) ! ” The Sickness” escalated very quickly ( 2 month period).

    John Locke reverts back and forth between the temperament we got to witness in his flashbacks to his more confident island persona. But he was willing to go into the ground with Smokey , even though he looked afraid of it in ” Exodus”. Would he have been like Danielle’s team if he had? Somehow, I think he would have been unchanged because of the need for “sides” and his role in the “war” to come.

    And even though it had been 4 seasons until the island moved, it was, time wise, Sept 04 to Jan 05. Still, double the time, John still seemed to have been “himself” ( albeit heavily influenced by ” The Island”) up until the time Ajira landed ( at least, that’s what I’m sticking with, for now…lol).

    • 5

      Wray said,

      That’s what I’m sticking with too. I think it took all that time for MIB to get what he wanted in the way it needed to happen. Also, Locke is not always insecure and lacking in confidence off-island as he is not always strong and confident on-island. I do not believe his “bipolar Locke” personality is a product of island influence.

  5. 6

    mswendy said,

    I guess that’s what we get when we’re presented with characters that are well rounded. They can show different aspects while being the same person…lol.

    Another thing that the writers mentioned in the Season Two DVD extras is how the hatch influenced people, as well. How it was a “Faustian” sort of place that gave you what you wanted but came with a catch. And with it, brought out the most unattractive qualities in its inhabitants ( not just Locke but all of them) . I think that what we have seen, in various places , is what already resides in the heart, the flaws as well as the virtue. It is magnified by influences, situations and stresses. Asking the question: Who are we really when faced with purpose as well as peril)?

    And with the hatch’s implosion, I wonder what ever happened to what dwelled in there went… and how/who it has been influencing things, if at all?

  6. 7

    Wray said,

    Oooh. That’s a creepy thought/question. We have seen other “magic boxes” on this island. To add to this thought, there were those who refused to take advantage of the perks – was Rose one of them?

  7. 8

    mswendy said,

    Rose eventually ate the Dharma food … after it was brought to the beach. But she refused to use the washer/dryer. I remember her telling Hurley how uncomfortable she was being in the hatch. She seemed to know , from the start, that something wasn’t right about that place .

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