LRN and FFLive News: FlashForward is Live, Donald is LOST and Lostaholics Rewatch

First up, The Flash Forward Live podcast will be LIVE on Friday, October 23 at 8 p.m. EST on Talkshoe. Heath and I will be discussing Episode 5. Any thoughts, theories and/or FF Alums send them to and/or stop on by Talkshoe. ( Unlike the LRN, we try to keep the cast to around an hour. But we will be recording for a little bit longer for the LIVE podcast) 🙂

If you want more Flash Forward LIVE info, check out

Also, on Tuesday, October 27th, at 9 pm EST ( 8pm CST. That was for you, Donald. 😉 ) Heath and I will be appearing on the ” Donald is LOST” podcast. We will be talking about our Top Two Creepiest LOST Moments (so far) with Donald , along with Anna from The Jacob’s Cabin Podcast and Matt from “Keys to LOST” podcast. (Thanks, Donald! ) 8)

And lastly, on most episodes, either/both Heath and I can be found on ( or in the chat) of the Lostaholics Rewatch podcast, Hosted by Nancy Drew. The show has moved from Sundays and is now recording Live on Tuesdays at 10 EST on Talkshoe. ( Thanks, Nancy Drew!) 🙂

If you would like to contact us about anything LOST related: and/or

If you would like to listen to any past episodes of the LRN, click here.

Again, thank you to everyone who listens,emails, leaves comments and/or stops by to chat on either/both podcasts. We really appreciate it. 🙂

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  1. 1

    Wray said,

    Something that crossed my mind during the rewatch discussion of The Economist was regarding Sayid and his flashback in Season 5. As much as I liked Sayid’s story and the comparison (and mirror image) between Sayid and Eko both trying to protect their brothers, Sayid’s childhood flashback is pretty weak. I think I get the point the writers were trying to make, but Sayid stepping in to kill a chicken to save his brother from getting into trouble just didn’t seem like the beginnings of a torturer to me. Or even the guy who would try to save his friends by killing young Ben.That scene took me out of the narrative and I just couldn’t stop thinking about things like how far we all are from the farm in modern times and Michael Pollan. My grandmother would have laughed.

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Oh yeah. Nothing was under cellophane in grandma’s day. 😉

    I confess, I had to look up the Michael Pollen reference…lol. In doing so, I found out that he is the brother of actress Tracy Pollen, wife of actor Michael J. Fox. ( Food Alums? 🙂 ) But on a more LOST related note, Pollen wrote for a publication called (The) Greater Good… the title of a season one episode starring…. Sayid Jarrah! 8)

  3. 3

    Wray said,

    Wow. It’s pretty eerie how the LOST connections just keep coming.

    Yea! Food Alums! I’m a bit of a foodie so…

    My hometown is rooted (pun intended) in agriculture so it’s never far from my mind.

  4. 4

    mswendy said,

    It is weird how it happens. It’s almost a “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” sort of thing. Oh no, bacon… more food from the farm. 😉

  5. 5

    Ooo! Did I hear someone say bacon? The perfect food?! 😀

  6. 6

    mswendy said,

    Bacon= Anna GPS …just say the word and we can find you. 😉

  7. 7

    Wray said,

    Ha! There would be no bacon if everyone was like Sayid’s brother!


    Anyway, another lame demonstration of a character “flaw” is Jack’s flashback to childhood in season 1. Again, I get what Christian is trying to tell Jack (and the audience) but really, what was he supposed to do, let his friend get pummeled? Jack showed courage as a kid and this is when his dad decides to teach him a lesson about letting go? That’s always bugged me.

    However the scene works because the actors sell it, and the ice cubes tinkling in the glass was an awesomely creepy touch.

  8. 8

    mswendy said,

    I always took that scene as more of elder Shephard’s lack of “social graces” dealing with his son. Christian has his own commitment issues, so this probably seemed like he was giving Jack some good fatherly advice. Well, at least from his point of view. 🙂

    Couldn’t agree more about the acting & the ice cubes. 8)

  9. 9

    Wray said,

    Good point mswendy. There’s no doubt Christian meant well. I guess just hearing others talk about Jack “always trying to fix things” as a negative is sometimes annoying. Clearly Jack is often in need of balance in his life, but let’s put it this way, if I were in need of medical treatment and had the choice of either Jack or Christian…I ‘d take the guy who had trouble giving up on his patients.

    Also, as a parent of three children, I’ve had plenty of time to evaluate my own advice and my own lessons learned. All I can say is … whoa. For Jack and Christian it’s a mixed bag. They clearly love each other, but Jack has never been able to trust his father. There’s always been something “off” about him – like he has deep dark secrets 🙂 Fans have talked about Jack’s paranoia with Sarah(Tale of Two Cities), but frankly I jumped to the same conclusion as Jack when I initially watched that episode. It’s just that Christian always looks like he’s up to something…:)

  10. 10

    mswendy said,

    You’re right. There is something underlying there. And it was well before Jack finding out about Claire. Let’s just say…”They’ve got history”. 🙂

    I hope we find out about Sarah’s “man”/pregnancy before it’s over . I don’t just want to know if she’s happy, like Jack did….lol.

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