LOST Poll : How Much is That Dolly in the Window?

mswendygravitar8 *Sings* “The one with the bobblily head” . Ahem..Sorry… 🙂
That’s right! The news is out that LOST bobble head dolls ( Ben Linus {first seen at ComicCon}, Daniel Faraday, Edgar Halliwax and Richard Alpert) and GI Joe style Jack and Sawyer jumpsuited action figures either are available for purchase or pre order at Entertainment Earth.

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  1. 1

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    I know what I want for Christmas!!! 😉 Any way to – ahem – anonymously send a not-so-subtle hint to my man about this???????

  2. 2

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    Wait a minute…. I don’t want Sawyer and Juliet 😦 I want Sawyer and Kate!!!!! Grrrrr….. Guess Ray will have to spring for the 4 pack and then at least if Darlton messes up “MY” ideal pairing, I can always re-enact it on my own the “right” way 😉 lol

    Thanks for the info on this!!!!!

  3. 3

    mswendy said,

    LOL. They have got to come out with a Dharma Adventure Camper Van. That would make the collection complete, SLS! 🙂

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