FF Thoughts : When TV and Architecture Collide ( in my brain, at least)

I want to correct what I believe was an error that I made on the latest ” FlashForward Live” podcast ( Oh, I’m sure there are several. This is just one that I’m pretty sure was a total mess up…lol) .

I was doing a second watch of the FF’s latest episode ” The Gift” and was taking down some notes and doing a little research. While I was doing this, I saw this really cool black triangular house that won an architectural design award. It was on the front page of the search engine, so I decided to make a small diversion and go check out the screen caps.

If you haven’t seen the latest Flash Forward episode, you might want to skip reading the rest. 🙂

About an hour later, Heath and I recorded the show. He mentioned something about the Japanese character, that meant ” Believe”, that Nicole finished on Bryce’s drawing. I thought that I saw something shaped like the character as a statue that was near the fountains where the paramedics took away Al’s body. It turns out, that I think the black triangular image of the house popped into my mind and I confused the two.

So, I apologize for the mix up. But it would have been cool if there had actually been a Japanese character shaped statue there, right…lol?

I couldn’t find the original house that I saw. It was photographed from a different angle too. But this one is fairly close. ( Link)

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