LOST Thoughts : Des Dispenser

Listening to Matt and Leslie’s character analysis on John Locke recently and something occurred to me( and before I go on, during this hiatus, please check out Keys To LOST’s Character Series. Highly recommended ). They were talking about Walt and how he told John back in Season One “ Just don’t open it (the hatch)!”

The main focus had been, and the question had been all that summer…” What’s in the hatch?” Well, what if the what wasn’t as important as the who? Because when it was time for the answer… it was ” Desmond was in the hatch”.

So, is that what was bothering Walt? Was it the release of Desmond out of the hatch? Desmond’s connection with time travel made him “special”. Was whatever he was able to do ( whatever that actually is) the issue? Other people had pushed the button, before and after him. But it was Desmond that had to do it or ” every single one of us is dead!” Maybe it is the combination of what the hatch” did” to people, particularly to Desmond because of his brand of “specialness” , was so perilous (considering Darlton said in the season two extras was a place of (paraphrasing) “concentrated evil”)? Or is it like on Ajira 316, the Losties had to reenact Flight 815 as best they could ( but could still be consequences for error) and Desmond is just a piece in a much larger reenactment ( albeit an important one) ?

Locke told Jack ” It ends here… at the hatch” in the Season One finale ” Exodus”. MIB is certain ( or at least trying to convince Jacob) that all this turmoil just will continue infinitum. But Jacob is convinced “ It only ends once. Everything else… is just progress“. Maybe it is the possibly of an end that is unsettling to MIB ( despite his appearance of frustration with the repetition of the unseemly events he describes) . In turn, was what and/or who, that dwelled within that hatch… the means to that end?

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    Wray said,

    Funny, I’ve been doing a rewatch of my own this hiatus. In addition to listening to you guys, Lostaholics, The Transmission, Keys to Lost, and Alex’s Hiatus Cast, I have been encouraging my daughter (who has always watched with me) and her boyfriend (who was a LOST “resistor”). They are on Season 3 now, but recently finished the Season 2 finale. It gave me a chance to watch the Special Features disc. I had never done that because I have always watched “live” so it was surprising to hear the writers/producers talk about the hatch that way. Is the hatch one of J.J.’s famous “magic boxes”? Sort of a crucible that distills everything down to it’s elements?

    Maybe Walt “knew” that no good would come of everyone’s interactions while in the hatch. After all it was the computer that enabled Michael to contact “Walt”, which led to his private meeting with the others, which led to Michael killing Ana Lucia and Libby, which led to Michael and Walt leaving the island and eventually the separation of father and son as Michael is consumed by guilt. This separation is exactly what Walt was trying to prevent by sabotaging the raft in Season 1. Waaaalt!

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      mswendy said,

      Hi Wray,

      Yes, they put some very informative stuff in the extras.
      I’ve wondered, since the Hatch blew up… is whatever it was… affecting the Island, as a whole, now?

      And that is precisely why we need to see WAAAAALT again in Season Six. He knows way too much about what’s going on to let him just “fade out”.

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