LOST Cartoon Art : Found His Loophole ( and it’s always in the last place ya look!)

Jacob’s Nemesis ( Played by Titus Welliver )

Things We Know About Him…

He doesn’t want any fish
He does enjoy a good mango
He remembers dying ( or at least, wanted us to think he did)
He really wants to kill Jacob
He gets Ben to do it for him
He prefers to be notified when company is coming

Things We Don’t Know About Him…
His name

Happy LOST Thought of the Day : When he is sitting at the bedside of an awestruck Ben and says to him ” Welcome to the Land of the Living.” 🙂

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  1. 1

    Capcom said,

    LOL, right, he says that not long after we see Charlotte say, “This place is death.” Soooo many contradictions! X-D

    Very neat drawing of MIB!

    • 2

      mswendy said,

      LOL …. exactly. Like Locke and Eko saw two very different Smoke Monsters. Were they just revealing something opposing to each man? Was it masking it’s true identity to one of them? Or are there actually a pair of them on the Island : one dark, one light?

      Thanks, Capcom! 8)

  2. 3

    christyintx said,

    Okay, another random thought spurred by cartoon art – If Miles says dead corpses contain their memories, but no brain to communicate in a conversation, perhaps MIB has the same ability, and because each person he took the form of was dead on the island (at least all I can recall, let me know if you think of any not on the island) he was able to draw from their memories to communicate as if he was them to others. (I just wonder why Ben didn’t take the time to cremate Alex like they did Colleen so her memories could not be drawn from when MIB takes her form?)
    So when DeadLocke reminds Ben of the hatch door at the camp which was the place they first met, and that he remembered dying – that really was the last memory he had, so he really did not know it was Jack that brought him to the island and he surely wouldn’t realize he is wearing Christian’s shoes – but I wonder if he meets Christian if Christian will RECOGNIZE his own old shoes on DeadLocke’s feet?

  3. 4

    mswendy said,

    Excellent thoughts, Christy!

    That is very likely. He didn’t seem to know that much more about “Locke”, except mostly his final moments. Most of his new information came from people discussing past events to him, thinking he was John and already had knowledge of them. MIB sure knew how to ask the right questions to get the info he needed to play the part.

    It will be very entertaining to see the eventual ( from my best guess) the interaction between MIB with both Miles and Christian. Good tv! 8)

    I’m thinking that Ben was so shocked and out of it after his “plan” was interrupted by Alex’s murder that he just wasn’t as ” in control” as he usually appears to be, which crescendo ed with his ” So!” moment in the Orchid with Keamy/Freighter dilemma.

    Agreed… creepy to the max! 🙂

  4. 5

    LostObsessed said,

    Okay, apparently, his name his ‘Barry’. I feel very proud and all-knowing because very few people know this fact (6). Sorry for replying this late, just wanted to let you know that the sole ‘Things we don’t know’ fact has been revealed >=)

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