LOST Thoughts : Island Swings Like a Pendulum Do

I freely admit that time travel… not my specialty ( among many other things). And I’m taking a little break from trying to figure out what happened after ” The Incident”. But even as I started to think about other stuff, I still wound up thinking about time, on some level. ( And please, take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. Just thought I’d record a little of my LOST mental gymnastics…lol) .

I been thinking about Daniel’s rocket experiment and the 31 minute/18 second difference. And Doc Ray being dead before he died. How it sometimes goes from day to night very rapidly… and also very slowly. I’ve been thinking about how the Island moves. Ms. Hawking said that it’s always moving. But initially there was a 72 hour window ( 3 days) for them to find the Island . This was roughly how long it took from the time Ray was found dead on the beach and the day he was murdered by Keamy, on the freighter.

This very clever person who was able to find the Island was with a pendulum. Is it because it replicates how the Island moves? Is the Island the weight ( bob) of that pendulum, swinging like the one at The Lamppost? And if that is the case, what is it swinging from? And is the 72 hours the time of when it reaches the height of the swing and there is that slight “pause” before it swings back?

There was also the question in Season 5 was if the Island was moving through time or were the Losties? Are they the “bob” on their own personal “pendulum” ?

Makes me rethink Locke’s insistence to Eko that “We’re all puppets….puppets on strings!” 😉

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  1. 1

    christyintx said,

    Ms Wendy,
    You have done it again!!! I love it!!!
    I have no idea if we will ever learn whether there is a pattern to the movements, but if the writers were smart enough to come up with that, then hopefully we will see some mention of it. I am always so amazed with the things you think up.
    Also, 72 hours is 4,320 minutes, which is exactly 40 presses of the button, so if the 108 minute window has to be completed on each swing, it can be.
    And about our Losties on a pendulum, I HOPE that is why they were all so different on the day of the ‘incident’! That would certainly give some type of pseudo-‘physics’ explanations for their sporadic character shifts.
    Just food for thought: Perhaps with each swing of the pendulum our Losties are swinging into an alternate universe/timeline. Maybe that is what has been happening since the beginning of the story? Or maybe that is what is caused each time there is an ‘electromagnetic anomaly’?
    I kind of wish it was happening to all of us right now, it would give me an excuse for being so absent-minded and forgetful at times…..
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. 2

    annainindiana said,

    So with the 18 min 31 min thing:
    18 divided by 31 is .58, or could be rounded up to .6 just to have a nice round number.
    Remember our 12 year/20 year dilemma? Widmore left the island in 92 after the purge, came back after ‘looking for the island for 20 years’??
    12 divided by 20 = .6
    Hmmm…what do you think?! 😉

    • 3

      annainindiana said,

      Wait, I just realized it was 31 min 18 sec. Oops. Guess my math doesn’t really apply…but it was fun, anyhow. Still trying to figure out where the 8 years went to!

  3. 4

    mswendy said,

    Wow, ladies! You brought a whole new, wonderful meaning to the phrase ” Do the Math!” 🙂 Outstanding!

    Christie : After seeing The Variable, I had a theory about Daniel possibly knowing when things would happen using time in musical beats theory. And that scene we first see little Daniel, he was setting up his metronome. And a metronome is… a pendulum. Eloise questioned Daniel on how many beats from the metronome. It was 864 beats ( 108 x 8 …hmmm) .

    Yes! If this pendulum idea is true, it would help explain all of the Losties mood “swings” 🙂

    Anna : You could always say the math was a “mirror image” 😉

    I’ve been thinking about how the number 20 has been coming up a lot recently. 40 seems to be relevant earlier on in the series ( including how Christie figured where 40 played in with the button)

    When we first see Eloise, she tells Ben that they had a 72 hours window. The next time, it was 36 hours. Half the time it was. 20 is half of 40.

    Please let me know if I’m wrong but I believe it was on the 40th day that the raft was launched and the hatch was opened. Locke tells Jack ” It all ends here..at the hatch” before they open it. Not it starts…but it ends! ” It only ends once…” Was once these events on the 40th day occured, it cut “time” in half, speeding things up, becoming more intense as it gets closer. Kind of like a Doppler Affect. And with it, the appearance of the number 20?

    Again…. just kickin’ stuff around. Could be total bunk…he he.

    • 5

      annainindiana said,

      Interesting. 40 isn’t often considered a Lost number as much as the others, but it’s certainly a biblical number, and that could be significant too!

      • 6

        mswendy said,

        Yes, probably more biblical nods with numbers like the writers have done with names.
        Went to lostpedia to check it out. There were several references to the number 40 ( It looks like the 40th day is closer to Locke’s vision, Boone’s injuries and the light coming on in the Hatch. Boone’s death/Aaron’s birth soon after.) ( Yay for Lostpedia…lol)

        Some 40’s …

        1) Comic book in Locke’s test in Cabin Fever ” Mystery Tales # 40′
        2. Eko’s 40 day fast in The Other 48 Days
        3. 40 members of Dharma Initiative were killed in The Purge ( The Other Woman)
        4. Michael told Ana about 40 people at the beach (Orientation), 40 people need to hide in the hatch ( exodus) and 40 people to divide food among ( Everybody Hate Hugo)
        5. The Freighter stayed 40 miles off shore of the Island ( The Constant)
        6. Daniel’s experiment started with Regina counting down from 40 km ( The Economist)
        7. Adam and Eve’s clothes were deteriorating 40/50 years ( according to Jack) in HOTRS
        8. The Jughead weighed 40,000 pounds ( Follow the Leader) and Jack said the plane was at 40,000 feet prior to the crash ( The Pilot)

        There are more but I’ll just put one more here that I thought was pretty interesting.
        Mikhail talking about chess and mentions the Karpov/Kasparov 1985 Championship match called ” The Brisbane Bombshell”. Kasparov, playing black, defeated Karpov in 40 moves.

        Bombshell…dark side winning…40 moves… hmmm.

  4. 7

    Jon said,

    Desmond – in explaining the time jumps, compared it to a needle on a record (much like Dr. Chang’s record in the opening scene of S5). Which if you think about it, isn’t a random back and forth motion, but the same line of a track played over and over again, until something happens to displace the needle and continue it’s trek down the worn groove.

    uh.. wow.

  5. 8

    mswendy said,

    Love your avatar, Jon! 🙂

    It was Daniel who was talking about the skipping record. But he was explaining of what he could tell was happening to them with the flashes/nosebleeds after Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel and it came off its axis.

    Daniel explained to Sawyer in Because You Left that time was like a street. You can go backwards or forwards on the street but you can’t make a different street.

    Thanks for your comments…more food for thought! 8)

  6. 9

    sawyerslilsassafras said,

    This may be random for your post but…
    There was always something that didn’t sit right with me about the time lines last season and it took me a little while to figure out what it was… am I wrong or did Locke lose 3 years somewhere?? The oceanic 6 lived 3 years in “the real world”, the remaining Losties & Freighties jumped around for a few days then ended up living 3 years also albeit in the 70’s but John Locke flashed through time for a few days, turned the wheel, then ended up in Tunisia 3 years later (according to Widmore the oceanic six have been back for 3 years). So what happened during those 3 years? He went forward in time?? Or did he dig his way off the island?? lol
    Seriously, did I miss something???

    • 10

      mswendy said,

      LOL Eh, go right ahead! 🙂

      No, I think you’re right with your former assessment. Locke jumped ahead 3 years like Ben jumped ahead 10 months in ” The Shape of Things To Come”.

      In the “Journey in Time ” special , Damon and Carlton also confirmed that “when Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, etc were flashing through time, every flash was to a “significant” point in time of the Island’s history.”

      It looks like the same thing was happening off island after turning the donkey wheel too. Ben showing up just in time for Nadia’s funeral. Locke being three years ahead when things were unraveling… more points of significance, in time.

      • 11

        sawyerslilsassafras said,

        He-he… sorry for the hi-jack… I had just gotten done watching Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham and I finally figured out where I thought something was “off”!!

  7. 12

    mswendy said,

    Hey, no problem, SLS. You are always welcome here. 8)

  8. 13

    christyintx said,

    In response to the discussion with Sawyerslilsassafras, I agree, both John Locke & Ben Linus are STILL time traveling from the past into the future. Which makes me wonder if their futures can still be changed. Which would potentially result in an alternate future?!?!
    Take for instance there was a way to REVERSE the FDW, or travel BACK to the point in time they jumped from, would that mean that the things they did (like Ben killing Locke) would be undone? Because the events haven’t happened yet in the starting time line, only in their time jumping time line? Because even though Ben killing Locke happened in Ben’s past, it won’t happen until Locke’s future?
    Nosebleed, nevermind, probably hogwash…..

    • 14

      mswendy said,

      LOL… No, I’ve been hearing a little talk about this being a possibility. Just not sure entirely how this would happen. And when I try figuring it out, I end up sitting in front of my television, crying like Daniel Faraday. 😉

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