LOST Thoughts : Some Pre Season 6 Wacky Theories

Part of the fun of LOST is making theories: Large and small, serious and silly, and sharing them with each other. I had one of these exchanges a couple days ago with other fellow fans/podcasters. And I thought I’d post some ideas that I wrote here too. Some of these thoughts are built off of old theories. Some things just occurred to me now.

Locke’s Death

I’m still sticking with the Locke was strangled like his dad and was dead. Like “Dead is Dead” dead. My crackpot theory ( or just wishful thinking…lol) is just like he was healed before when he touched the Island, he will be again. But then we’d have two “Lockes” running around…kinda cheesy. But if this happens, somehow the writers will defy logic and make it cool…lol.

But then I came up with how they could do it. Locke falls out of the box. He touches the Island and is “healed”. Jacob’s Nemesis seems to need a dead body to do whatever it is to appear as John Locke. Once Locke is alive again, Nemesis’ actual identity is revealed ( and we might have Titus Welliver too for the rest of Season Six. Yay! 🙂 ) But it won’t happen until Walt’s ” You- were- standing- on- the- beach,- in- a -suit,- with- people- all- around- you, -wanting -to -hurt -you” Dream comes true… by way of Flock.

Christian’s Death and Recreation of Circumstances

However, I have always thought that Christian Shephard’s death was suspect.

When Christian saw Claire and told her that he had “ways” to help her mother die ( at least, that seemed to be the implication) , I’m guessing that he also had “ways” to appear dead and “come back to life”. And it might be through a method similar to the Medusa spider venom or a modification of it that he was able to create ( Seeing that he had most likely been on the Island before) .

He supposedly died from a massive heart attack brought on by drinking/getting in a fight with someone. But no autopsy scars?! ( Juliet’s ex husband got hit by a bus and they gave him an autopsy! 🙂 ) Also the guy who showed Jack his father dead body in the morgue …was also at the crash site. See man with white hair holding his arm, shouting ” Move away from the gas! ” ( Actor Geoff Heise) Hmmm… Wonder why he’d be there? I’m guessing it wasn’t for budgetary reasons. He had lines and wasn’t just someone in the background. Was this man an accomplice? Dr. FrankenShephard’s Igor? One can only hope. 😉

How about this : What if he was playing the role of “the dead guy” that needed to be on Flight 815 to get back to the Island just like Locke was playing his “role”? That Ajira 316 was not the first time “the circumstances of a flight having to be recreated as best as you can” ?

Ben’s Box

I’ve been thinking that the box was the box of chocolate with the gun that Sun received , along with the papers/ pictures of Jack and Ben near the van. Just like he did with the whole Kate & Aaron “lawsuit”, I think Ben gave them to Sun so she would come to him. Then Ben could show her Jin’s ring and get her back to the Island. And where did that gun go after Sun decided to go with Ben and Jack to see Ms. Hawking? Why into Ben’s pocket, of course, so he could go and take care of that promise he had made to a friend ( i.e. killing Penny…or at least he thought he was going to ) .

As mentioned above, these are wacky. Do with them what you will. 😉

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