LOST Thoughts : An Economic Analysis

More and more, I am moving away from the idea of Charles Widmore being ” The Economist”. From what little we know of him, he is a man who doesn’t like technology and is ( according to Ben) the one who is behind Nadia’s death. From ” The Incident”, we know that there was another person there… and they weren’t driving the SUV.

In ” The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, Charles gives Locke a phone that he only needs to dial “23” to contact him. Sounds like pretty advanced technology to me!

In ” He’s Our You”, when Ilana captured Sayid, she claimed that she was working for the family of Peter Avalina, the man Sayid was sent, by Ben, to kill on the golf course. Was bringing Sayid back the favor that was asked of her by a certain someone, while she was in the hospital?

Hmm… doesn’t like technology… behind Nadia’s death… knows Ilana. Could The Economist be …. Jacob?

We know that Ben wanted to have all those who worked for The Economist “picked off ” ? Where these hits Ben’s doing or were these orders that were given to him, like assumedly, with The Purge?

The cabin has been in question of who has been in there, as of late. Ilana said Jacob hadn’t been there in a while. And we know that she did know him. She and Jacob had a face to face meeting at least one. So, is whoever was staying in the cabin, actually giving the orders for those assassinations? Is this the same one who needed “help” from Locke the one who wanted to “take care” of the people from Ajira? Was this the “Longest Con” of them all?

So, in the end, is The Economist actually going to turn out to be…this guy?

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