LOST Video : Careful Observations

Saw this video a while back…. then forgot where I saw it… then remembered again. And here it IS! 🙂 It contains some peculiar inverted images that have appeared on the show. According to the maker of this video, they were not altered. These are ” AS IS” from the original episodes. Discuss… 8)

( Made for youtube by LostSpOOky )

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    Hi! I know who SpOOky is and I´m agree with him. Lost has A LOT of inverted images from the very begining. Take a look when Jack awakes and runs to the beach, in Pilot Episode. At first you can see him at your right an then he appears at your left! I think that they are in some kind of mirrored reality, they look at themselves. Their talks are the Whispers…but they can´t interact with themselves.

    Please forgive my English, I´m from Buenos Aires Argentina 🙂

    Your blog is very interesting!

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    Welcome and thank you, Lostiesforever! 🙂

    I agree. There are many mirror images throughout the show. SpOOky did a wonderful job putting some of them together.

    Like your theory about The Whispers. 8)

  3. 3

    @blacxthorne said,

    I think most of the inverted images are used for direction purposes. Maybe after editing the scenes in a certain way, the director decides that it would look better if the camera moved from the other angle. In which case, instead of reshooting the scene with all the actors and props and crew, with the little time they have, they could just mirror the image. I hadn’t noticed these but an example of this was in “Jack, Meet Ethan” mobisode. When they look at Claire, we see a shot of pregnant Claire that we saw from the Pilot or some early episode like that, only mirrored. While I knew that, I always assumed it made more sense because of where the Jack and Ethan were looking. They were looking at the right hand side of the camera, which only made sense that they’d see her from her left side. So instead of bringing DeRavin back for just a couple of seconds worth of shot, they just recycled. Many of these could also be recycling or simple editing.

    Also, some of the props change. Well yeah, if you shoot a scene twice, from different angles, and not do it in the same day or maybe even the same season (I don’t know how much time there is between each such occurrence), you’re gonna have to rebuild the set. Now I don’t know much about these things, but I think they mostly use photos of the sets that they build, and try to make it as identical as possible. If they have a box full of lampshades, it’s conceivable that they would just look for “a lampshade” when they build that set to do the lamps, and not look for a particular lampshade.

    At least, in any other show, that would be the case. No one would even question it. But this is Lost. Boy, I wouldn’t be surprised if all this did have a meaning. But still, I doubt it; I mean, they’re human after all… Aren’t they?


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      mswendy said,

      Oh, I wouldn’t doubt that if some of the images we’ve seen over the years are instances of saving time and money, especially when the show was just starting out. But then there are moments like the changing positions of the paintings in Claire apartment. And then the art showing up in Widmore’s office in ” Flashes Before Your Eyes” and the paintings noticeably switching places again during Desmond’s “interview”.

      I agree. Just about any other show, we probably wouldn’t even notice.
      Although,if these were all part of an elaborate scheme even before the cameras started rolling… then I will concede that their superpowers are even better than Hurley’s. 😉

    • 5

      XsavagistX said,

      heard about this on Donald’s latest podcast with Amy’s crazy theory.

      i agree mostly with this response though.
      i think even Ben’s wound changing spots was part of a post-production inversion for a different perspective.

      some of the symmetry is interesting but that could be more or less for aesthetic purposes and nothing more by the director to create a “mechanical” feel that Hurley is pressing through.

  4. 6

    mswendy said,

    Hi XsavagistX!

    Oh, haven’t heard that podcast yet. Going to listen to it sometime today.

    Yes, terrific point about the appearance of Hurley’s struggle. I just wonder why it was the same people crossing at the opposite ends of the airport?

    The most likely answer is that it was a time/$ issue (however, I’m still hoping for something cooler) . But the producers could have called us to be in the shot if they needed to mix it up a bit, right? 😉

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