LOST Thoughts : S6, Ep1 – LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part One)

While we are so close to the Winter Olympics, I thought I throw in a little nod to it. 🙂

Similar to what is considered to be the most difficult maneuver in figure skating, LOST has given us an ambitious and impressive new mode of storytelling, the concept of “flash-sideways”, introduced in the Season 6 premiere “LA X” ( or was it …dun, dun, duuuun! 😉 ) .

I’m going to talk about the episode in the three parts, or rotations, that it executed.

Turn 1 : The Plane/Airport

Jack : ” Lookin’ around like he’d been there before” ( see ” Tarps” under LOST Parodies for that reference. 😉 )
This time, Rose is consoling him. She doesn’t have the ring on her necklace. But she actually didn’t either in The Pilot.
Cindy hands him one bottle of liquor instead of two. No back gash this time that needs sterilizing, perhaps?
As the turbulence passes, Jack looks down to where the Island should have been. And it was…but it was underwater this time! How did it get there on the bottom of the ocean, if was truly an island? Was whatever was” holding it up ” cut off? By what? The Jughead? The War? Volcano? Whatever caused this appears to have ” changed the rules”. 😉
Fresh wound on his neck. Could it be he became a proxy because he carried out Daniel Faraday’s life’s work , so he has the “reminder” of his bullet wound or from something we haven’t seen yet.. like ” The War that’s to come”?
Told he wasn’t supposed to save Charlie by Charlie. Suicidal or course correction? Either way, Charlie levels the blame onto him.
It’s been confirmed…pens save lives…or at least, they could, if given half a chance! 🙂
Christian’s body is missing…again. Or is it just his coffin this time?
His cellphone…when is it from this time ( Through the Looking Glass) ?
This time, he knows John is in a wheelchair. He’s even willing to “fix” him. Will he ? ” Nothing is irreversible”.

Kate: Back with Marshall Mars again. Has to eat her in flight meal without utensils. Glad we didn’t have to witness the lasagna eating contest .
Pick pockets Dr. Jack for that very valuable, life saving pen. Just like she did to him with the key from the Haliburton case in Season One and again with the satellite phone in Season Four.
Edward calls her ” Kiddo”. Still think there more to LOST’s most requently used nickname by multiple characters than meets the ear.
She escapes captivity .. at least for now, by trying to pick the handcuff lock with the pick pocketed pen. Edward gets the same smack to the forehead, from a bathroom counter, that he got from the Haliburton case, on the original flight.
She gets a bit of help escaping from Sawyer, who was the first to know about her handcuffs, this time. Is it because he’s a fellow lawbreaker or thinks she’s cute and might somehow meet up later? Most likely, a bit of both.
Before she gets nabbed by the police who have spotted her, she jumps into a cab occupied by none other than Claire! Will she be there to deliver Aaron again?

Locke: This time, got to read that air-safety pamphlet he dropped in The Pilot. Hope it was just as informative.
So, he got to go on his Walkabout this time. Take THAT , Randy Nations ( either that or he’s lying 😦 ) !
Sitting next to Frogurt. I guess it is still Neil Time… no matter the time we’re in. 8)
Exiting the plane, not looking happy to go back to the daily grind at the box factory..if that’s where he’s going.
The airport lost his Box O’ Knives. (Jack) ” Oh, are you some kind of salesman? ” ( Locke) ” Something like that. ” Was it because he was “selling” his story of being a Hunter to everyone, including himself. Or did he go on the Walkabout, in training for his job “selling” to people in hopes of “getting them to where they need to go”?

Hurley: Is now the luckiest guy in the world. And still wins the Lottery. Was it with the numbers we know? Did he still hear them from Lenny? Did Lenny hear them?
Will he get tricked out of his money like he was warned on the plane? Or will he actually make a true friend from this streetwise “stranger”?
Outside the airport, waiting for a cab, was on the phone yelling about someone keeping him from doing business “Does this guy own the whole Outback!?” I wonder who this could be? Obviously, someone with a lot of pull, power and cash. Now, who do we know that could be described that way? Rhymes with Bidwore? That is, if Charles was off the Island before it sank…whenever that was.

Jin: He still has a watch to deliver. Still want to know who he delivered the first watch to in Australia. Could it be the same guy that is giving Hurley a hard time setting up his chicken franchise there?
Still wants Sun to button her sweater. Why doesn’t he just buy her a pullover and give them both a break! 😉
Has a boatload of American cash hidden in his suitcase. Was he planing to take off and live in the US or was this part of the “gift”, along with the watch, for this other business acquaintance of Mr. Paik’s?
Now in airport jail, will he be released to carry out his “mission” for Mr. Paik or be sent back? And will he be alone?

Sun: Likes looking at happy couples on the plane, like Rose and Bernard. (Are they happy because she isn’t sick anymore? On their honeymoon? )
At first, said ” I” then changed it to ” They look so happy”. Is she thinking about a relationship that she might have waiting for her in America, as well? Perhaps with someone who frequented there, even was going to marry a woman who went to Harvard?
Miss Paik?! Whaaat? Not married? Engaged? Kept her maiden name on her passport so it made it easier to disappear once they got to America?

Sawyer: Is he Sawyer still…or ever was? Is he a conman who lost his parents in a murder/suicide? Seems awfully chipper for someone who just killed the wrong man and was kicked out of a continent/country.

Sayid: Going to see Nadia again. Will he get to, this time? Did he have to help the FBI this time or was this under other circumstances?
Kicking in the airplane’s bathroom door to get Charlie out. Sayid’s feet are like a Swiss Army Knife…so very versatile!

Frank: He’s a no show. Seth Norris flying this bird, yet again. So, what happened that he’s supposed to be the pilot of Oceanic 815?

Boone: Seems happy. Shannon didn’t go back with him. Hope he still ” runs a business!!!”. Would still follow Locke.

Charlie: Not nervous about getting caught like the first time we saw him. Seemed more annoyed. Blames Jack for saving him. ” Should have let it happen, man. I was supposed to die. ” Was he suicidal though? If he wanted to OD, way didn’t he snort the heroine? Perhaps he was just trying to smuggle it by swallowing the bag, instead of flushing it? But as he was doing it, the turbulence happened and he choked on it instead?
If he was trying to kill himself, was it because of Liam rejecting the band getting back together or does he somehow aware that his death was necessary for “course correction”?
” Am I alive?” His first words after Jack got the bag out of his throat. The same words written on Dom’s hand at ComicCon.

Desmond: Why is he on the plane????? Can only Jack see him? He claims he’s never seen Jack before. Is he being truthful? Is Jack like Hurley and can see him because he “sees dead people”? Is he traveling like he was in ” The Contstant” and after the turning of the fail safe key? Did he ever actually go to the Island, since it is now underwater? Or did he go to the Island before it “sank” ? Is he with Penny? Is there a little Charlie still?
Said he spoke to the stewardess about moving his seat because the guy next to him was snoring. Was it Cindy and did she know what was going on? Or is the “disappearance” just him going back to his original seat because it had better lighting to read his book: Salman Rushdie’s “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”. 😉

Coming soon..Turn 2 : The Swan Hatch/The Temple. 🙂


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