LOST Thoughts : 6/1 – LA X or The Temporal Triple Lutz ( Part Two)

Turn 2 : The Swan Hatch/The Temple

I’m going to keep this simple , like the ankh list. To sum up…

Kate – First to wake from flash/blast ( in a tree!) like Charlie was the first to leave the imploded hatch and also couldn’t hear. First to meet up with someone by falling on them ( Miles, just like she did with Charlie after running from Smokey for the first time) . First to find out where/when they were. First chooses to help unconscious Jack then unconscious Sawyer. First to go into the tunnels ( just like the Hatch in S2)
Jack – Broken man who just can’t seem to “fix” anyone, at least right now.
Sawyer – Broken man who wants to kill someone ( namely, Jack) but changes his mind. Rather watch him suffer in this life. From the look on Jack’s face, I think it’s working.

Juliet – Thought was dead but is alive. She said to Sawyer ” It didn’t work” , then talked about going dutch sometime for coffee. She wants to tell him something very important, then dies yet again… or at least, felt like it 😦
Miles- Knows what that very important message Juliet was going to say, now that she’s dead… ” It worked!”. Was she glancing (flash) sideways?
Jacob – Speaks to Hurley because he’s dead now. Old friend murdered him an hour ago. Some friend…
Hurley – Sees/Hears Jacob because he’s dead now. Knows how to ” fix” Sayid and knows what’s in the case but not what was in what was in the case ( Nama…wha? ).
Jin – Knew what Hurley was talking about when he was asked about the ” Hole in the Wall” ( at The Temple not Butch Cassidy’s gang) .
Sayid – Was dying, repented, drowned ( or was it “baptized” ? ), attempted to be revived, no use… no wait…he’s fine!

Some things that happened…
They were back at the Swan Hatch, circa 2004..ish. Whatever happened, happened… at least, here it did…somewhat.
We saw more of the tunnels
We heard more of the Whispers
We saw The Temple
We saw more of The Others ( dressed a lot like The Sheriff, Isabelle in SIASL)
We saw Others Cindy with a groovy headband, Zach and Emma
We saw what was in the guitar case. “It’s a giant ankh! Wow! I wonder how that plays into the mysterious worship practices of The Oth…NO! Wait…don’t do THAT *crack* … oh. Well, at least Jacob’s list faired better than Charlies’ Greatest Hits. ”
We saw a spring and a darkened, bloody pool. And how it doesn’t heal anymore. And a super-sized eggtimer. Did this help/hurt Sayid?
We saw that this Others leader doesn’t like our scrawny, New Yorker teen -like Losties, the taste of English on his tongue but digs trimming little trees. But it looks like the “warming up” stage is going to go awfully quick now that Jacob’s dead, the ash scattered and the warning flare’s been launched. And Smocke’s coming to “Sweep the leg!” of our Losties.

Which will bring us to Turn 3 : The Island/The Foot … To be continued. πŸ™‚

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  1. 1

    annainindiana said,

    Yes! You called him Smocke, too! I wrote a couple possibilities in a comment on Donald’s blog…either Blocke (Bad Locke, though that assigns motives to him) or Smocke for Smokey-Locke! That would be so much easier to say than all the names floating around for that guy. Silly Lost…just tell us names for these people! πŸ˜›

  2. 2

    mswendy said,

    He he … oh, you know LOST can’t do that, Anna! πŸ˜‰

    Yes, I’m liking Smocke too. Someone in the chat used it during the Initial Reaction show and it just stuck with me. And until they give us his official moniker, it’s a keeper! πŸ™‚

  3. 3

    ARAM said,


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